Ruiqi Li

Instagram: @graceleeyeh

I am who I am

A violet-tinted photograph of an arm extending out from the bottom right-hand corner of the image. A hand reaches out to touch an upside-down bottle of smooth orange juice that is connected to the hand via an IV drip. The bottle of orange juice is hanging from a tripod and connected with a loop of tape.

The electronic nutrition

Copy from Camille Henrot (Grosse Fatigue). Super Exhausted is to show the contemporary living condition of people, surrounding by thousands of images.The inverse text is to show how our mind is in real situation. Chaotic!

Super Exhausted


The blurry


The endless sunshine

The boiling water just like the boiling sunshine.

The boiling

The plan of virtual exhibition

We lived in a world where all of our life is under surveillance.

The surveillance world





This is not my chair


Electronic Stream


Double Smiles


Dog by the window




The mood of walking


What will you see when you blink

City is the cruelest place, birds getting gnawing by anonymous creatures. This kind of bloody view make me realized how birds have a living in the civilization made up by human.

City Gnawing

Inspired by Martin Parr's travel gestures

Exchanged Glances

A girl lives in the bin
A girl wants to escape the real world
A girl lost herself
A girl wants to hide her face
When the lid on she looks like a clown
When the lid off she finds the peace home

Bin girl