Alexis Zelda Stevens

Bio: I make sculpture, installation, images and dance. The work has concerns with the body, psychology, interactions, liveness, slippery signs and symbols. I’m interested in what structures us in relation to others and the world, why we do what we do, and how it is embodied and expressed.


Instagram: @alexiszeldastevens

A series of images showing a small sculpture, made to fit round a finger. A combination of the object being participated with by a person, and images of it on its own.

Photographing A Participatory Sculpture

A Giff. One hand has a small sculpture over the finger, the other presses on it as if the sculpture is a bandage and they have cut their finger. THe hands change position slightly n each picture of the giff. 
The sculpture has a grey granite finish.

Sculpture for Remembering the Feeling of Time You Cut Your Finger Because Your Mind Was Elsewhere

A visual description of the material qualities of an artwork. Various images showing surfaces and materials, alongside the following text: 
'A linear structure composed of triangles and half formed squares, hangs loose into the room having come away from its fixings by the wall. It looks heavy, stony. Draped over it are white-ish shapes, Jesmonite or plaster- some teeth, an outline of some keys…'

Let me Just Show You/ Description of a Work

An white, plaster-like abstract form sits in the pale light of a window sill. The atmosphere is quite and sad.

April 2020; a failed sculpture becomes an authentic photograph

A yellow traffic cone sits half submerged in the waves of a murky looking river.

Between Places

A grey floor with a white wall. The the centre leaning, sliding, flopping down the wall is an abstract foam shape- irregular and organic. in front of it is a set of teeth in green foam, backed on polstyrene to give it more form in space.

An Equal Conversation IRL, with advice from artist Gweni Llwyd

25 images of sketch fab models found whilst researching 3D forms to work with. 
Folding chairs, ladder, ladder, tree guard, steps, steps bench, circular tree bench, ear bud headphone, curved arrows, grid roof, concrete bollard with inner frame exposed, bike rack, granite bollard, scaffold tower, scaffold tower, truss support, trailer, row of fences, man hole cover, vents, tree guard, railings, hedge.

Research Hole

A complex geometic pattern of a gate, with an even more complex shadow, cut out by hand in preview - you can see traces of the artists cutting out. On a grey background.


A giff which cycles through: 
Squashed, folded hand form sculpture which looks like granite
It being used as a bookmark, zoomed out 
It being used as a bookmark, close up 
It on the cover of the book Who Cares? by Sarah Wookey and Siobhan Davies Dance 
A round grey shape poking out of the top of The New Black by Darian Leader 
Grey ear-like shape inside the book 
Same shape re-positioned

Keep My Place