Trixie Collins

Instagram: @trixies_chaotic_art

Close up photo of orange throw.

Just another photo

Fuzzy photo of a primed room divider made from card, paper mached and primed with gesso and canvas on top

Structure for room divider piece

A close up photo of a back bin bag with a hole partially showing the cap of a coke bottle saying please recycle me

Try to be a good person...

GIF - two positive film slides held to a digital screen with a thumb and finger, featuring farm structures with red transparent squares covering the slides. The moving portion is a figure in the same transparent red moving across the screen. (The screen is stretched because it hasn’t loaded, still needs fixing)


In the foreground, a fan is casting a shadow that is the main focus of the photos. To the right of the shadow, there is another shadow of the words 'appear flushed and cool' all cast upon speckled cream wallpaper

Flush and Cool

7 sticky notes attached to a wall with 3 on the floor. There are ten in total, half pastel blue and half pastel pink. On each sticky note there are unmade and made beds made from PVA glue and coordinated stick notes. Set within a home setting placed low on the wall, featuring beige carpet and white skirting board.

Who performs?