Cara Phenghl

Instagram: @caraphenghl

A still life drawing of two plants and a watering can with black marker on lined notebook paper.

Day 17

Pen drawing of a figure

Day 16

Don’t waste your time
On someone who’s standing in your way

Be like water
Flow on right past them

Those people that are with you?
Stay with them
Flow with them
Without even trying You’ll be the waterfall

The Path Of Least Resistance

Handwritten words ‘scroll’ (crossed out), ‘small action = satisfaction’

Day 14

Photo of top of building and blue sky.

Day 13

Black calligraphy ink on white paper of 5 leaves.

Day 12

A black pen drawing on white paper of a blossoming tree branch.

Day 11

A cardboard protest sign lying on the some grass with the words, written in black marker: “Stop singing the song ‘Hanky Panky Shanghai’ in schools”.

Stop Asian Hate (I am Asian and I belong here)

Abstract lines of black marker on white paper.

Day 9

A simple line drawing loosely resembling a figure.


Blue, organic loopy lines against a white background.

google rabbit hole

A black and white drawing of a man wearing an oversized pea coat holding a bag.

Blood Tears Sweat

A painting of a pink gingham background with a yellow and blue egg in the foreground.

Easter still life

Abstract, organic lemon yellow strokes that overlap against a white background.


A mix media drawing/painting of a white and blue Japanese bowl and three apples.


An abstract drawing of black charcoal on white paper comprised of organic, horizontally flowing lines.


A gouache painting that has been turned into a roll of toilet paper.