Rebecca Buckley

Bio: Sculptor, painter, poet, writer and screenwriter

Instagram: @Beccaartist

Swirls of ink and charcoal on cream paper.

‘Spiral 11

White background with interlocking abstract orange and black shapes


Multicoloured collage self portrait done in cartoon style with hat with white background with black spots

‘Self Portrait’

White blue and orange abstract marks

‘Into The Blue’

Abstract marks and swirls in red blue and orange on dark sky blue background


Swirls of black ink on cream sugar paper overlaid by two abstract shapes in coral red one on the left one on the right.


Dark blue walking figure on dark blue background. Oil, acrylic on paper

‘Into The Void (Black Dog)’

Image of beautiful brick, swirls of mauve, yellow, green, with text that says:
‘I would make a one
line poem to celebrate 
the swirliness of the 
beautiful brick in the 
wall of Nunhead cemetery’

‘Beautiful Brick Wall’

Ink drip piece (yellow/ black/ green /grey) in a grid on white paper with red rectangle infills in acrylic.

‘What Ho Mondrian’ (Should Have Been Jeeves!)

Black faceless figure walking on red/orange background. Acrylic and ink

‘Following 1’ (Draft)

Papier mache Death mask in bronze gold with black ink Pierrot eyes and slash mouth

‘Anxiety’ (Revisited 2021)

Abstract work, red, yellow, black, blue ink blurred together on green, and yellow acrylic background.


Mono print of 6 orange peaches arranged indiscriminately. Oil on cream paper.

‘Peaches’ (No Cream)

Abstract work. Black ink on white tissue paper. Swirls of ink and vertical marks. 29.7 x 40cm


Two humanoid figures one full, one half realised and following the other. In black ink, one figure fainter than the other, on cream sugar paper.


Two humanoid figures entwined. In black ink, one figure fainter than the other, on cream sugar paper.

‘The Lovers’ (Love Thy Neighbour)

Abstract small painting on recycled cardboard with random marks and smearing of paint in oil and acrylic. Background of white, with marks of blue, red and orange.


Mono print of black and smudged black leaf like printed images on cream paper


Abstract painting, multicoloured background with red swirls. Acrylic and ink on paper.


Monoprint of two intertwined bird/cloud like abstract shapes in muted brushed ultramarine tone on cream paper. 41 x 29.5cm

Mating Clouds

Representation of landscape on Islay in the Inner Hebrides. Black background on trace type paper with infill of Bronze  acrylic paint to denote trails, walking, footsteps.

Islay Revisited