c. Mae Bloom

Website: http://www.cmaebloom.me/

Instagram: @maewhen

a drawing of three people, two wearing ballgowns in brown pencil have been collaged onto a floral tea tray. they are edged by crude drawings of flowers. the women are partially obscured by a piece of dried salt dough, on which a spiderweb has been drawn.

kitchens and windows, inside and outside

a desktop screenshot of lots of preview windows, each one showing a different bird related image. one of a bleeding heart luzon,one of a woman holding a golden egg, a manga screenshot of a bird wearing a small traditional japanese hat, two old illustrations, one of a bird cage and the other birds flying, a prehistoric bird model, and a greylag goose.

data hoarder (around 1% of bird related images on my laptop)

a screenshot of a mac desktop, with Photo Booth open. on Photo Booth, a person wearing a red pointed hat is holding a salt dough face in front of their own face. the other images on photo booth display several soft toys, several seals, a lamb, a little bear, a cat, held in front of the camera as if they are taking a selfie.

visitors to my web-cave

A thin piece of beige speckled salt dough, with a simple landscape- a curved line embossed. There is a line drawing of a bird flying on one side and a turmeric yellow circle to represent the sun.

salt dough bird and hill, took as long to bake as my loaf did to proof

a collage on red card of a photo of many plats of hair and straw, an illustration of a mineral, a small carved face, several very old medical illustrations with a rock-like look and a tiny picture of a clown.

╭ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ mineral direction

a tombstone picture has been generated, with text on it saying: "C.Mae Bloom is not dead but absolutely failed at making milk plastic. 01/04/2021 - 14/04/2021"

description of a failure.

an mdf cutout of a dove has been watercolour painted with various shades of grey, white, brown and lilac. on the bird, a photograph has been stuck. the photograph is of a concrete tiled floor, outside. on the floor, the phrase "the world we want" has been spray painted

please, bring me an olive branch

13 images of humans of various ages, genders and racial groups have been generated from thispersondoesnotexist.com in a grid structure. every image has artefacts of being generated, extraneous background eyeballs, flesh coloured shapes or odd fleshy shapes

don't look behind you (images taken from thispersondoesnotexist.com)

a digital collage of an illustration of a bundle of blue forget-me-nots, with a red heart below. in the heart, the text says "why do i still have a migrane?" and net to the heart there is a red circle with a white medical cross inside. around the circle the text is "i really don't get it." below, a 3d rendered image of a crone is lying prone. along her arm the text states "is this my life now?"

poor decisions all the way down

a digital image. In the middle, is an out of copyright vectorised illustration of a girl in a birdcage, dropping her book out of the side.) above says, in delicate script: "No art will be done today, I have a..." and below, the word "migraine" in elaborate script. the word has been squashed and arched to curve below the birdcage and is larger at the beginning of the word.

maybe tomorrow

a collage on black card. on the right, there is an arch cutout of the paper, behind, an out of copyright illustration is printed in pink on pink paper of a women sewing in front of a window, with several plants & a birdcage. on the left, there are 17 shiny silver circular tin-foil and sweet wrapper good luck charms, made by scoring into foil. these charms depict: a magnet, virgin mary, dove & olive branch, rainbow, 4 leaf clover, a well, rabbits foot, fish, lucky penny, horseshoe, "13", key, anchor, wishbone, lady-bug, shooting star, dice and pig.

good luck

this is a drawing and collage on black card, in white ink. there are two cut-out circles of which a photo of a bleeding heart luzon is peeking out. the two photographs are bordered with wobbly lines, and there is a loose drawing of a large bow. the larger circle is bordered by the text: "i first met you in 2016, in an otome game, and i was struck by your anxious grace" the lower lines says "i enjoy fantasy, a spectacular sign. a bird with a non-stop bleeding heart, like a stigmata. it is hard not to see that as some magical representation of pain or sin."

bad day bird

A white curtain, embroidered with birds and flowers hangs over a non-visible window. The light shining through the window has four black claw-like shadows projected onto the curtain, as if they are breaking through. Below the curtain, a miniature ceramic house stands.

a spooky day at windowsill hamlet

a small early plastic doll, around 3inches- a frozen charlotte is wearing a brown dress with a front pocket printed with a postal stamp. in the pocket is a silver spoon. she is suspended inside a small pink chocolate box and the box is hanging on a wall, in front of an illustration of a fantasy castle.

frozen charlotte (my guilty pleasure is keeping tiny boxes and strange ebay purchases)

a painted MDF cut out swan in blurry white, dark brown edges and an orange beak. on the swan there is a photograph of an antique TV set displaying a program of a geometric peacock. there is an antique scrap of an angel and floral corner stickers bordering the image. next to it, there is a photograph of a chipped lamp-post. on the lamp post, there is a sign that says "please call to turn my light back on"

swan / forward

6 separate selections of pieces of imagery and small paper objects each placed into a variety of clear plastic bags and a photograph. the first one is a repurposed hospital bag and contains images of an old medical illustrations of a woman, small animal toys dressed as doctor and nurse and medical documentation including a covid-19 vaccine card. the second contains an on sale card, a spinning wheel and an old illustration of a woman in a bird cage. the third contains a piece of ragged beige fabric with brown ornate printing, a crude drawing of a ghost and a cut-out shape of the monster logo.

reorganisation of visual research (it might make sense to me)

A custard pie with a scalloped crust and a crude, smiling face made out of crust sits on top of a hexagon patchwork cloth.

drawing with pastry (on a sea salt and honey pie)

Blue paper glued on to a small cardboard box front to create a simple landscape. There is green paper cut crudely into the shape of grass and in the right corner, a circle of yellow paper to represent the sun. On the grass, two antique scraps are stuck- one of a large pumpkin and the other a small girl. On the side of the box, a glossy monster energy drink logo sticker has been stuck

giant vegetables win prizes for size, not for flavour

various strings, pieces of wool and ribbons attached together and used to make a looped macrame holder for a large clear jam jar. it is hanging on a white wall. inside the jam jar, there is a small red and green wooden clown, a paper mache strawberry and a five pound note.

finally, a place to keep my miniature wooden clown, paper mache strawberry and five pound note