Roman Sheppard Dawson


Instagram: @romanshepdaw

The evening sun on my wall refracted through my window blinds and glass vases.



a black and white image showing a series of gradient like shapes forming arcing gestures across the image.


A portrait black surface with a chalk drawing on it. The drawing shows a white horizontal frame with an illustration of a forest within. Gestural lines depicting branches have escaped the the confines of the frame. To the bottom left, a series of white markings a bit like morse code, a bit like text from a distance. The markings are in clusters and are arranged down the board to the bottom.

something about framing

A white chalk drawing on a portrait blackboard like surface. The drawing is a line drawing of a pyramid like shape but on its side. 
There is text at the very edges of the surface. Reading right to left from the top:  on the right "the air" and then below on the left  "is thin."

the air is thin

A portrait blackboard with small chalk text reading: 'Narrative is one long sentence' scribbled two thirds of the way down.

Narrative is one long sentence

My dog looks out of the window. She's standing with her front legs up on the sill attentively watching for activity outside. The photo is taken from behind a plant, surrounding her a bit like a vignette of leaves.

something about her attention

Something trying to be something.

A photograph of a finger pointing at a finger on my computer screen found in the doorway of a dollshouse.

now in.. 3D

An image of the corner of a room where two walls meet. Each wall has an open doorway in it. Through the rightside a 'door sized' hand is poking through. This is not an actual room, but a dollshouse room.

rooms can have promise

A black pen drawing depicting a generic gallery from the street. To the left of the glass doors we can see a crowd of people inside viewing some paintings and to the right of the doors a generic artist statement too far away to read.

Do I miss the crowded spaces?

An iphone note screenshot reading:
"I am quietly impressed with the progress my avocado seed has made in the dark of my wardrobe. And now it has sprouted and it's little root is taking hold. It might not seem that impressive, but watching this seed take tiny steps, millimeter by millimeter is very satisfying. I want to be like my avocado seed."

My daily observation

A black pen drawing on squared paper. The drawing is of three deformed circles intersecting one another flanked by bunched curtains either side.

where three spotlights intersect

iphone notes app text reading "mhm yeah, there is not a lot of space today. I am tight inside my phone."

not applicable

A photograph of a black pen drawing of a window, curtains and drain pipe stuck to a glass window looking out onto the street.

window on my window

The beginnings of a render. A rectangular image of grey and dark grey tiles. In the foreground, a gradient of lighter grey in a vertical shape. On top of that, a series of orange crosses arranged in a grid. The space between these crosses form squares with a different grey noise pattern.

something about the reveal

A black and white image of an audio spectrogram generated from a house martin's song.


A collage of research and artwork images. Images include a projected waveform; a drawing of instructions for how to waltz; a screenshot of a young girl speaking into a microphone on camera; an ear; a camera stabilizer attached to a man's hip; the ocean waves in black and white; and a tiny face of a woman looking directly into the camera.

forgotten folder content

A photograph of the ocean on a piece of transparency. The reflection of the photographer is partially visible.


A photograph of the ocean close to sunset. 
The water is a deep blue in colour and fairly calm.

A Gesture

A black pen drawing of a cinema screen and auditorium or squared paper.

I miss cinema.