Mary-Ann Stevens

Photograph of country and urban living, digital manipulation. Documented online, on website, Facebook, Instagram.

Urban countryside debate

Knowing no end, stitch after stitch, loosing myself, time ticks by and before I know it, evening has come, and so has the moon.

Time flies

Water will always find it’s way. The rush is endless, winding through dirt and rocks. Something powerful watching the earth move.

The river finds it’s way

Photograph of a clay bowl. Something I would like to make.

Oh to throw clay

An old photo edited and made into something new.


I took the pose, friend took photo.

Collaboration on the bridge

A photograph of an old painting I made. Brought to life with digital manipulation. It’s block colour gives an essence of the commercial.

From sketch to paint to photograph, to manipulate

Currently moving house. By the sea. A new home, new work. New art on the horizon.

My new home

A large painting delivered by cardboard box. Fragile. The box transfers the work, but in today’s climate, the box is equal to the work of art itself.

This way up

Digital image inspired by grandma

Advice from grandma

The doll looks longingly through the window

What a doll!

Recently befriended a local cat. It sat in my lap in the sun and ate some cat food I bought from the corner shop! The cat was certainly a guilty pleasure.

Let the cat in

It is that feeling when you struggle to find the calm. Like running through fire. It is a struggle to communicate, and art opens up the dialogue.

The struggle to run

Frenzied notes researching using an iPhone.

Social research

Ultimately my glasses allow me to see and make art. They are my tool.

Self portrait

I love to make work with texture and movement. This sculpture is made with plaster of paris, hand painted and fixed with an oversized pink tutu. It conveys an energy which is important to my work.

Tiny Dancer

This photograph taken on a riverside walk. House boats lined parts of the river, tied up with rope. The texture and coils of the rope fascinated me, so I took the photograph and edited using photoshop. The rope then becomes more than useful for boats, and now a piece of art.

All tied up