robert thomas james mills

Bio: artist, writer, rambler

Instagram: @sllimsemajsamohttrebor

A zoomed in digital photograph of a screen, broken into a near symmetrical image with a grey rectangle in the middle, two wider white rectangles either side of that and two blue slightly narrower rectangle either side of the white rectangles. The right hand blue rectangle has text which reads The marr So Mars.

commissioned interview

Three vertical video stills spliced together of a spherical red teapot but a lighter red plasticine sausage shape twisted on the lid of the teapot extending upwards with a birthday candle on top. On the left image the plasticine and the lit birthday candle are mostly upright, on the middle image the plasticine and the lit birthday candle are starting to droop and on the right image the plasticine is still drooping and the birthday candle has been extinguished.

teapot triptych (after good news but before hard work)

phone note from park




expressive soft pastel drawing featuring a sun and a raincloud meeting and creating a rainbow and it's reflection on what could be wet ground.

weather study


poem written in black text about drinking tea before bed and needing to pee on a yellow/light brown coloured background r


a visual poem with one word per line reading, "practicing, basically, counting, letters, mostly, using, from, ten, to, 1" in a soft peach colour on a burgundy background. the image is bordered by a the same soft peach colour as the font

new countdown

Depiction of a face made out of twigs and leaves on a red blanket


birds eye view of some dough proving, there was been two indents to mimic eyes and imprinted smile to faintly show a face