Elena Lo Presti

Bio: Italian multidisciplinary artist based in South London working mostly with writing, ceramics and digital media. I am interested in creating an alternative form of visual narration where the personal and the domestic become the main vehicles for sharing. This often involves the use of traditional crafts such as knitting and crochet, and of cooking and food sharing, which to me are ways to create new communities and connect with people, especially in this time of hardship. I am interested in the nebulosity that surrounds memories, and in how those influence reality, transforming and mutating it.

Website: https://elenalopresti.tumblr.com/

Instagram: @elenaloprestiart

Collage of a graphic score for two voices: there are a series of black, lines, watercolour and pastel marks together with cut outs of various form and size. It doesn't make that much sense.


The picture of a primary school at sunset. You can see the main building, half of it (the oldest part) is covered in red bricks (on the right). On the left the building is newer and covered in yellow bricks. You can see a basketball courtyard on the right hand side. In the middle, there is a hand written note that says: “there’s a kid that always plays basketball on his own and I wonder if he does it because he doesn’t have any friends or because he doesn’t want to be disturbed. (he’s pretty good though)”

The lone kid that plays basketball

Black text on white background. On the left bottom side, there are six hand-drawn daisies.

New personal statement

A collage, yellow is the main colour, white paper as a base. On the left side there is a flower where the petals are cut out of yellow textured surfaces, underneath a small paragraph: kissed on the cheek, in the lips, be kind to me. At the center there a drop-shaped cut out of yellow flowers and the text “(a flower boquet)” overlapping on top. On the right side at the top another paragraph “the first time you wore a skirt you cried and I held you close to me”. At the bottom on the right the sentence: “a cappuccino with ginseng aroma”. Throughout the page, the word PISTIL is spelled with yellow


Five warm yellow unglazed ceramic pots are connected through a hand knitted red thread. Two pots on the right are spherical and have small holes, another one is very small with a single handle. The two pots on the left have an urn-like shape and have multiple handles where the thread intertwines.


Picture of a cup of tea held by a hand over a white sheet, in the sun. Poem:
waiting for
twenty seventh of April two thousand and —
that’s when you told me
to wait.
So I sat down and waited for my tea to brew.
But it was just a cheap bagged tea
that I bought from the corner shop
for one euro and sixty cents
while trying to pick
a tabacco brand.
With the sun, I would wait outside
like a dog
until I would see
your silhouette 
appearing slowly
and you telling me
that I look very hot when I’m smoking.

Twenty seventh of April two thousand and —

Picture of a notebook on a white bedsheet. On the left corner you can just about see the duvet and its pattern with blue, white and red stripes. The notebook is open and you can read a short handwritten poem that says: 
I can only think about
how tired I am
and how much I want
to sleep and
to eat those leftovers noodles
with spicy tofu
and then sleep again

Bad day

Square image with a white background. At the top there’s a black text that says: “I would like to make something with all these blurry flowers I saw today at Waterloo Station.” In the middle of the square there’s a blurry image of colorful flowers. At the bottom of the image mire text: “Like a bouquet, or a crown, or an intertwined basket. Or planting them again and let them grow under the sun coming from my window.“

Speculative Flowers

A drawing of a lizard and six pies. The drawings are very simple and only use a single black line. The lizard has a very long tongue and is licking one of the six pies.

Lizard licking pies

Small paper zine with an old man at the front holding a mug and saying “I have super squidgy arms!”. The title is: “The story of the lizard who licked cheese and the man with super squidgy arms“. You can see a glass of beer in the background.

The story of the lizard who licked cheese and the man with super squidgy arms

Hands Moving

A space

Picture of some houses and brick walls white yellow and black text on top.


Blurred pictures with moth red and grey. The subtitles say: “It’s a grounding exercise: count five things that can help you get the hell out of here”.

Grounding (in collaboration with Tobias Gumbrill)

A small zine titled Bournemouth Tales being flipped over a striped duvet cover. You can see the picture of a sunset over the sea.

Bournemouth Tales

A picture of a microwave cake in a mug and its recipe handwritten on the side.

Microwave cake

Poem on a white background.

Ringwood snow

A stranger's kitchen through zoom. The kitchen's cupboards and drawers are white. You can see washing up liquid, washed dishes, a bottle of salt.

A stranger's kitchen through Zoom

Black poem on a white background, talking about flowers and queerness.

Future tense


Your tassel hyacinths