Grace Mcloughlin

Instagram: @gr_acemc

Close up of a mouth, lips pressed tightly together, a nose with nostrils flared and elongated, a blue grey paint has been applied on top of white skin and the paint is cracked all over

something performative

the palm of a hand with loosely drawn red figures dancing across it and onto the wrist, a mouth can be seen on the right just behind the wrist

3 dancers

a list of which only the first few letters/icons of each item can be seen. the first is a small icon of a receipt, below it a star, below that a red car and a speech box, below that the word up, below that 'Lo', below that an envelope 'ab' and a speech box, below that a text filled document, below that a plus


a table with thin columns and rows; 7 across, 15 down. Each cell contains a square check box, some are filled blue with a white tick others are not.

this feels important

a zoomed in image of a white text box with black text reading : 'the bad oyster exists'

what makes an oyster bad?

A photograph of a person stuck calf down in a sinkhole, the hand of someone wearing uniform of the fireservice can be seen attempting to remove them with a mallet and chisel. Written in black on the right of the image the words 'now i'm stuck with' and below this two white text boxes, the first saying 'some form of collapse', the second; 'of the surface layer'

that sinking feeling

I'd be digging in the wet sand,

Photo taken through binoculars showing two people walking on a beach front in the foreground and in the background a figure wades in the mud looking for something


A blue heart made from toothpaste in a bathroom sink

Sorry fellow dwellers


A wrinkled bed sheet in the lamp light


Two figures on either end of an A frame kind of sea-saw in a park, one with feet braced on the ground, the other in the air.

white knuckle

Inside of empty wine glass with red wine remnants

Not sure

a note taped on a window reading with the words 'stop wasting time staring' written and crossed out, the words 'keep looking it's good for you' written and crossed out and the words GO OUTSIDE capitalised closer to the bottom of the page. People can be seen walking outside with their dogs


Photograph taken through binoculars; a wide flowing river in the foreground and huge piles of scrapped metal on the shore in the background

looking at the scrap heap through binoculars

leafy branches of a tree touching the side of a building lit by a green horizontal stripe of lights

a tree and the light at this hour

A hand from slightly out of frame reaching to type on laptop, leaves are attached like long nails and are pressing into keys and a close up image of moving water is on the screen.


Image of hand closed in a fist close to a branch, a curved white piece of ceramic is attached to the thumb with black electrical tape as if it's a nail, and three black toothpicks are attached to the middle finger with wire resembling a claw. White laundry hangs from a line in the background .

prototype claw

photograph of large jellyfish washed onto a beach with a river and city in the background

meeting ancient multi-organ creatures just north of the metropolis