Sarah Danaher


Instagram: @sarahdanaher

A film photo of a church ceiling which is blue with gold stars, and text reading:
A clear blue sky
A beam of light
Clouds forming
Clouds in the shape of the WiFi symbol 
An archway appears
Into a clear blue sky

Clear Blue

A GIF of a turtle-shaped salt and pepper holder floating around behind some text that reads 'The Meal Manifeasto'.

The Meal Manifeasto (GIF)

A poster detailing a list of aims of The Meal, overlayed on an image of a turtle salt and pepper holder. The text reads "The Meal Friends exploring the place of fun, food and generosity in our lives. Food is love, love is caring, caring is sharing, sharing is daring, daring is art. Taking 'sharing' back from social media to halving a sarnie with your pal. Move away from value in scarcity in art: value in abundance and generosity. Hosting as an artistic practice, not hosting on a server. Food is real tangible stuff that hits all your senses. When we feed our neighbours, we feed ourselves."

The Meal Manifeasto

A screenprint of the fleur de lis with a fluorescent corner shop price tag over the top.

3 for 2 of Hosanna in Excel Sheets

A watercolour painting of a cloudy sky rectangle with three arches cut out of it.

Walk on through to the other side

A black pen drawing of a Tiffany lamp with phones, laptops, and tablets decorating the glass. The base has a telephone mast around it and a danger of 5G radiation sign.

Tiffany Device

A stained glass leaf.


A digital render of a stained glass window picturing the back of a businessman looking at his phone.

Flying Buttress

Monotone drawing of two faces overlapping each other with thick squiggly lines behind them.

Dissolving Margins

A girl with a cowboy hat on holds a guitar and smiles.

Gift of Giving

A circular stained glass panel sits on top of a mug.

A Lid