Chipp Jansen

Bio: Yeah!


Instagram: @chippography

Talking with old friends and drawing this plume of lines over a small page...

april 11

A swirl of grey... I keep on drawing, and I wonder if I am making a breakthrough, or if it's all a little bit dull actually...

april 10

Gray lines swirl around the center of a page.

april 09

Brown and grey strokes swirl in a plume like fashion.

april 08

Cascading red lines fall down the page

april 07

A close up plume like drawing with thick marker lines.

april 06

A maze like drawing on a notebook page.

april 05

Plume like drawing made of faint to thick grey marker lines.

april 04

Thick pen rectlinear maze-like drawing with a light gradient background of faint purple hues.

april 03

Washed out pen and ink drawing that shows a more open and swirling mess.

april 02

A blurry photograph from a notebook in which a series of marks in fine line pen were made in a generative fashion over the period of 7 minutes on the date of April 1st 2021.

april 01