Will Stockwell

Bio: I love making prompt-based artwork!

Website: https://3rdwave.cargo.site

Instagram: @vvillstockwell

mum wants me to paint flowers

stolen iannucci eurodisney gag


saved: "day 12: collab_mosh_2021 (worrier will)" rework


essential travel (+ day 14: gelato!)

Image with the following text... Day 14: Don't make anything today. Just send a description of what you would make.

Brief works out well as I've been out all day, freedom! Having fun datamoshing this month, so I'd put together some clips from the city. I'll add it to the end of tomorrow's vid. Here's a sneak peak:

Today, tomorrow!

(lliw reirrow) 1202_hosm_balloc

collab_mosh_2021 (worrier will)

The First 10 Days or Coming Soon... Will's NFTs (Non-Funny Time-based-art) [clip]

small world

my access (loop)

commentaires de Daniel


13.4.2020_guilt free demise_moshedit

day 5: startagainagain_moshed

"EuroDisney Vlog Autumn Winter 2022 Vlog" research collage

Beat Tool Play

buns of joy

*flashing images* 15.10.20_malfunction.gif