lynne morris

White female human creative in stack of green plastic and brown paper on face and body


White background with black plate, knife and fork. Sat on the plate is a juicy human heart in deep red. All Lino print

If you had a heart I’d eat it

Aged linen handkerchief with bold black appliqué basic/ abstract monster face


White cis woman with cropped mid brown hair made unidentifiable with a mouth stuffed full of giant wotsits.

Zoom call too far (true story)

Floor length white vintage nightgown with embroidered names


A page of mayhem with faces and creatures and bold marks in back ink and goache: pink, green and blue

Playing with colour

Deep green hand with pink nails. Goache. Nonsense.


Scrawly messy abstract faces in neon pink and black


Human face with thick make up in white and purple smeared across face