Sophie Atkins

Instagram: @sophosptophos

A screenshot of a middle-aged man in a suit and at the bottom of the frame is a subtitle reading: 'How can you tax a cloud?'

Subtitle responsibly

A drawing in red pencil of a giant seagull perched on top of a pile of giant chips inside a narrow bedroom.

When the chips are down

A picture of Jacques-Louis David's painting entitled Napoleon Crossing The Alps, which shows Napoleon on a rearing horse.

My men on horse paintings are really coming along

30 small rectangles on a black piece of paper. 18 of them are miniature versions of the works i have produced so far during the 30-day challenge.


A bundle of artworks on paper tied up with a piece of string and a label attached with the words: 20210417 s.atkins #30works30days


A rough painting of a man carrying a horse in shades of pink on a black background.

Half-finished man carrying a horse, almost burnt pizza

A photograph of a man carrying a horse upside down.


The words "Horse, man, statue" monoprinted in white on black paper repeated over and over.

Horse, horse, horse

A pencil drawing of Yuri Gagarin holds out his hand in wonder and on it is a crudely drawn picture of Vladimir Putin riding a horse in the mountains.

Yuri meet Vladimir/Alex meet Sophie

The negative space behind a figure riding a horse is painted in black on neon green and orange printed fabric. Collaboration with Ana Ortega.

One of these days these boobs are gonna ride all over you

Close-up of a lino cut of a woman's face. With handwritten underneath it from left to write "A/P, "me, not me" and the artist's signature and the date 2021.

Artist proof

A small paper cut-out of a silhouette of the bust of a man on a plinth is glued to the wall next to a socket with two plugs in it beneath a radiator

They're coming out of the walls

A printout of 7 monoprinted statues on a white piece of paper is taped to the base of a statue of a man on a street corner. A man leans in to take a look at the printout.

Statues for statues

A cut-out monoprint of a statue of a man in white and red on black paper on a cut-out white plinth that's too narrow for him mounted on black paper.


Drawing scratched into White ink on a perspex printing plate of the head of a toppled tsar.

Tsar-y, not tsar-y

Monoprint in white ink on black paper depicting a series of 9 marble noses and one partial sculpture of a face.


A white lino print on black paper depicting the close up of a young woman's face looking down at the viewer.

Me/Not me

A drawing in white pencil on black paper of the image of a crude plaster sculpture representing Margaret Thatcher's head on a pike with underneath it the handwritten words: "Artist 'saves council hundreds of thousands' with his own Margaret Thatcher statue"

"Artist 'saves council hundreds of thousands' with his own Margaret Thatcher statue"

A negative space cut-out of a statue of man holding out a gun is placed on top of and obscuring a white monoprint on black paper.

Nice gun

A drawing in white pencil on black paper of a statue of a partisan soldier holding gun in front of him. He has a billowing cape. The drawing is cut out following the contours and mounted on a white roughly painted background.

Hey, ladies, look at my gun

A monoprint in white ink on black paper of a man on a horse.

Same Old Horse Shit