aidan quinn

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A blue cushion slapped like a capital E is slumped on the pavement.


A thin tracing paper cut out is taped to a discarded part of wall


An iron fence used to border a field I’d pass coming back from school. The railings were docked; cocker spaniel tails for bullets. Small, black shapes drawing up from twelve inches of rough cut, soot stained buff marching one length of the field’s perimeter to halt at the high fence of a flatpack cul-de-sac; all new terracotta and satellite dishes. A school used to stand on the top of the hill, just before the road. I can't seem to ever imagine children in it. Now that’s gone, too. More flats, more flats.

an iron fence


plaque 2

A man uses a tin can to listen to a large stone

hearing stones

A plaque reading the words 'ghost Zone' is placed over a sign designating a refuse area.

ghost zone 2

A photograph of the redeemed Christian church of God, the image is cropped in order to make the large sign above the door read 'Ghost Zone'

ghost zone

3 salt dough shapes are glues to a piece of rust metal.


Two salt dough shapes, one reminiscent of arches, one of windows

two shapes

An educational solar system poster is hung on a wall. All of the information has been removed leaving only black space.

empty solar system poster

Two small salt dough sculptures, coloured in with pencil crayon are attached to sticks. They stand in a field.

Gate and Spikes, on marshes