Andrea Allan

Photograph of a clear sky with a line from a plane skittering across

This way or that

Photo of a concrete wall with a barbed wire shadow running through the middle of it and branches hanging down at the top. They Live is written at the bottom of the image

They Live

Photo of an unmade bed in the evening, two bed side lights are on

Made / Unmade

Photograph of a bed, with one pillow on the left hand side

Lost time

Photograph of rocks at the beach


Photo of a card with two people hugging, with a framed painting behind that has two people kissing on a sinking rowing boat

Parallels between art and life

Photograph of a link print with the shadow of the artists arm and print on the wall. The print has three circles and cross on the page

Social media (re)framing

Black and white image of a person walking in the park. The camera angle is towards the ground

Future talks

Blue wall with a source of light shining  on it, a sliver of light in the middle of the wall

Reverse it

Image of two sticks tied together with dental floss, which is strewn across the ground. The photograph has been taken in a wooded area

Village voodoo

Photograph of a wall with ladders in front. A post it note is stuck to the wall.
The text below the photograph reads ‘A space to suspend time.’

A space to suspend time

text at top left says "red, small enough to fit through the front door, painting over photo, investment" Text down the left hand side reads 'Derwatt Ltd. At the bottom right there are five red dots, a line of three and then a line of two, underneath there is more texting ' artist doesn't want to be in the public eye, hires an actor to play him, actor gives a talk, does social media account, artist work sells, who is the artist?' In the middle of the image there are four blemishes with one black line going through the middle of them.

Research | Ideas

Photograph of someone holiday a half made tray, green book cloth with an orange side panel. The incomplete tray has a curved edge

Template | Tool

Photograph of the ground with two sticks arranged to the right hand side, one on top of the other pointing to the right

Walker | Marker

Photograph of legs dangling from a loft hatch

Performance | Photograph