Renie Masters


Instagram: @renie___m

A drawing of a patterned blue and white ceramic shard on a two tone blue wiggly background. Inside the pattern of the shard are the words “to be honest, it’s all a bit much.”

fucking it up by fucking things up

A drawing of a gold circle filled with different colour patterned ceramic shards,  surrounded by a white circle on an orange background

Don’t fucking tell me to kintsugi

Various screenshots of Etsy pages selling ceramic shards overlaid with a drawing of a blue and white ceramic shard from one of the listings and a shard shape with letters cut out saying “frankly fucking odd behaviour”

one to talk

a drawing on a lime background of a white ceramic shard with a pattern in blue on it, including a dogs head. At the top is handwritten text in blue reading “18.04.21 Bathley St field path”

ground gift


a drawing of a blue and white ceramic shard on a pale blue background with a wavy section on the left and a tree shape going into the right side


colourful diagrams of shard shaped sculptures with different types of support on a pale lilac background. In the top left is an orange shard supported by a blue french brace with numbered parts and the words “french brace” and arrows saying front view and back view and notes on how to screw it together. In the top right is an orange shard sculpture with a blue rectangular base and the parts labelled as before, and the words “fill inside with weights”. At the bottom is an orange shard sculpture with a lilac and yellow base and green weights on top, and the parts labelled as before.

hold up

yellow handwriting on a pink background reads I’ve not made any big boy sculptures in ages, just small ones But I miss making things that are bigger than me, want to make an 8ft shard again, take my time over it Get a sheet of MDF, let’s say 12mm thick, and choose a shard, maybe go double-sided, not done one of those on a big scale before. draw it out. Jig saw the outline. Sand the edges. paint it with emulsion, one side at a time, slowly. paint the edges. sand back any lumps. do another coat. wait for it to dry. paint the patterns. paint the edges bright. decide on how it’s going to stand ...


offering again

A hand against a blue background. In the centre of the hand is a drawing of a ceramic shard with a floral pattern in Grey, mustard and brown.


A drawing of blue and white ceramic shard in the middle of a lime background with the words “I have loved you from across the sea” written around it in white.

I have loved you from across the sea

2 hands cupped together holding lots of little pebbles. In the background out of focus is a yellow rug with blue and white patterned sections.


Three digitally drawn ceramic shards (one a leafy blue pattern on white, one black and white splodges on grey, and one black dots on white in a leaf shape) on a yellow background. In the space between the shards is handwritten text saying “don’t be afraid of the in between”



A lilac grid on a cream background. Inside each of the 30 lilac rectangles is a drawing of a shard of pottery each with a different pattern.


An abstract green pattern on a lilac background with the words “good stuff in here” in darker lilac in the centre


A drawing of a ceramic shard on an orange background. Following the shape of the loose floral pattern are hand-drawn letters in blue saying: I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. I’ve sort of got stuck in a rut of making the same thing over and over and I kind of feel like I’ve got to keep making the same stuff and it can only be part of my practice, be art if it’s in the same vein. And I love making that work, can’t stop, won’t stop doing that. But there’s other stuff I want to draw too but it sort of feels too random like people are going to wonder what the Fuck I’m doing,(...too long for ID)

33 1/3

Blue background with three shards of pottery and a handwritten text about my family’s history of working in the potteries. (I can’t type it all out because of the max character limit)

Maybe I’m just romantic

A gold drawing of a sieve on a pink background. Written in the sieve are the words too long for the character count. The first curved around the rim of the sieve and the base talks about panning for gold in a non literal sense. The second set in the side of the sieve talks about a tool used in the book molloy for reaching things under fences.



Teal geometric pattern on a cream background. Within the pattern are cut out letters following the lines of the pattern down the page reading “convince me that spending £27,000 on an art degree was a good idea” and a smaller section has cut out letters within a circle saying “(I’ll never earn enough to pay it back anyway)”

kid me