Erika Stewart

Instagram: @erika.stewart89

A wall in my work room showing the development of ideas and preliminary sketches

Studio Practice

Continuous line drawing  in black ink in sketchbook ,of a partial view through the door of the bathroom.

Pre-soak sketch

A small circle within a larger circle. Shading between the lines with a range of pencils from 8b to f

Light to dark to light...

A hand written description of a future work in black ink ,on a lined spiral bound note pad.

'Tomorrow's brief'

Re worked collaborative Mother and Daughter drawing of a greek style well in the woods. There are two figurative drawings of greek statues: Venus de Milo and Aphrodite amongst the woodland landscape.

Aphrodite & Venus at Vange Well No. 5

A pencil collaged drawing of a greek temple inspired well and the Venus de Milo statue in the foreground. A collaborative work by mother and daughter.

Venus at Vange Well No. 5

A  semiabstract landscape with three trees on the horizon

Three Trees

A model of a Georgian House from five Bran Flakes boxes and four trees from moulded wrapping for Four Pears

Ideal Home

Screenshot of my Instagram page.

'Instagram Page'

ink and pencil study of a dog focusing on texture

Medda with stripey shadows

a linen and polythene textile piece with word 'see through'

See through blind

three hand drawn pebbles in a photomontaged hand

Three pebbles

A black lino print of linear winter trees on top of a grey toned background of ink and gesso.

Always a Challenge

An open sketchbook on a table showing a double page of an acrylic study featuring a nude figure situated in an interior environment. There are hand written notes partially seen on the page underneath.

Research & Development

Hand holding a drawing tool made from a stick with a matchstick end covered in black ink. The background is an old cherry wood trunk lying on its side out in the garden.

Twig, Matchstick & Ink

A dip pen and black ink linear drawing of a pair of doc marten boots on white paper. The laces of the boots are undone.


Photomontage of a living room with a white sofa with a number of cushions and blanket. A warm lamp sits behind the sofa bouncing light onto an aqua coloured wall. A blue and orange abstract colour cushion with partial figurative forms sits in the middle of the sofa and stands apart from the other cushions.

Soft Furnishings