Kat Clare

Instagram: @K_c_2626

2 simple drawings of female bodies with colour blocks

Add Colour!

Charcoal drawing of woman

Old sketch

Simple line drawing of female body with watercolour flowers over the top


Rolls of paper drawings

Filing System

Line drawing of female model


Line drawing of female back

Simple Lines

To do list

1/6 ain’t bad

Photo of blue sky with trees

Today is a New Day

Charcoal drawing of hands clasped together


Pencil sketch of hands with fingers crossed


Charcoal drawing of woman

Curled Up

Charcoal sketch of female back

2nd Draft

Charcoal sketch of female back

1st Draft

Charcoal sketch of female back


‘Guilty pleasure is bullsh*t’ paining with tropical plant boarder

No Such Thing

Pencil sketch of female back

Negative Space

Pencil sketch of ok sign

How do I draw hands?

Pages of Jane Eyre with felt profile and charcoal feathers

I am no Bird

Ink sketch of trainers.


Easter greetings surrounded in violets.