Nancy Haslam-Chance

Instagram: @nancyhaslamchance

A pencil drawing of a woman choosing which passionfruit to buy.

Passionfruit, I let myself have it

A photo of a hand holding a piece of paper that says "would you like to buy my art?". The words are written in swirling black ink and there are pink and green tulips painted around the edge.

For my window

A photo of a hand holding a brown envelope, on it is a drawing of two women drinking tea across from one another at a table, and below the drawing it says 'Please do not bend'.

Please do not bend

A woman is on her knees giving a man a blowjob. The mans trousers are around his ankles and he holds on to the woman's head.


A woman leans back on her chair as she sits at a desk with her laptop. She has cats printed on her leggings.


A pencil drawing of a woman with very long arms giving an imaginary person a hug.


A drawing of a woman leaning over a counter with her hands in a bowl. Around the edges of the paper in a border of cookies.


A pencil drawing of a woman leaning back on her chair, her head leans back too and she looks up at the ceiling, she has very long arms and is typing on a laptop on a desk, on the other side of the room.