Image of half done upholstery job on a stool

back at college today


Drawing of a scary horse with wide eyes and bared teeth

procrastinating admin

Blurry photo of a brown grassy hill with blue sky above

cactus on left?

Gardening related pencil scribbles on white paper

garden research (during telly adverts)

Dark photo of hazy yellow light in centre right and bright white light in centre left


Microwave light

close up photo of a wooden coffee stirrer bent into a curve. It casts a shadow on a wooden picnic table.

no time

train collab

Yellow printed paper with a photograph on top of a pair of soft brown eyes and slightly brushy dark brown eyebrows.

eyes on your work

basic pencil line drawing of an apron with a chefs hat above, a rolling pin on the left and a spatula on the right. all positioned as though they are being worn/held by a person but there is no body.

hate my job

Fuzzy photo of a dark grey gravely tarmac with very worn road markings. There is a dark grey pavement in the upper half of the image on which stand three people (only their bodies below the shoulder is visible) wearing dark clothing and one dog. The dog maybe looks sad or bored and stares into the middle distance. It has short white and brown furr. A slightly barrel shaped body and floppy ears.

got nothin today

a close up shot of a red metal shelving unit heavily stacked with clothes, the socks and pants and t-shirts are spilling off the unit. on the left hand side of the unit is a silver cycling helmet, underneath which there are two skateboard wheels, which are positioned to look like eyes. just below the wheels is a small white circle which resembles a little button nose - this in actuality is the lid of a tube of athletes foot cream. Finally beneath this there is a folded piece of cream fabric which looks like smiling lips.


light blue cube shaped bag with silver chain handle. wooden floorboards camo rousers and black socks make up the background.

cube bag for Charlotte

a figurine depicting Deet the gelfling (as seen in the film and TV show The Dark Crystal) made from oven-bake polymer clay and raw sheeps wool which has been processed to resemble white blonde locks of hair and braids. She has greenish shiny skin, large eyes and sticky-out sheepish ears. She wears a brown dress and boots and is standing, looking into the middle distance standing with one arms slightly raised and held in a fist.

deet the gelfling mini-figure (fimo, raw wool, super glue)

image of a white hand, positioned in the bottom right hand side of the frame, reaching out in dark black background.

come with me

A tall thin standing lamp is dressed in a long sleeved, white t-shirt with a short sleeved, white, button down shirt on top. The arms of the t-shirt/s are being propped up and held a-loft by a wooden mop handle which is protruding out of the ends of the sleeves. The white light of the lamp shines through the shirts and lights up the bare plaster (pink coloured) wall behind in a sort-of ghostly way. The dressed lamp makes a 'T' shape and could look a little like a crucifix or a ghost.

easter sculpture


blurry image of person with short brownish hair lying on wooden floor, looking over shoulder at camera. photo taken from iphone, in a mirror


dramatically lit image of a basic clay sculpture depicting a lumpy genderless sleeping figure, behind which a lumpy devil-like character is looming and leering. they sit on top of an old jiffy bag made to look like a bed with tissue paper pillows. In the background is a window which looks like a black because it is nighttime outside.