Rosa Klerkx

Bio: Based between Amsterdam and Glasgow.


Instagram: @rosaklerkx

Picture of a space in a building that's about to be demolished, you can tell because there's a lot of rubble and there's a big puddle of water on the floor. There's sunlight coming in from outside the frame, leaving rectangular shadows on the floor. The floor is blue. Overall the picture feels very blue.


A big machine

picture of lots of rubble, a building after it was demolished, before they took away the dirt

foto van iets

distorted image of a face.

self portrait

picture of me in my studio. i'm looking into the camera, while leaning backwards. my entire body is visible and in the background there are some paintings stacked against the wall.

self portrait

Four pictures, each showing a different person as they’re walking down the street.


8 rectangles. 4 of them are filled with numbers, the other 4 are filled with geometric lines. They are pairs. The rectangles in the drawings coincide with the rectangles in which the numbers are written.

4 variations

music notation 21

Rectangles and numbers


A rectangle drawn on a grid. Landscape. Within the rectangle are smaller rectangles. Straight lines only and all corners are 90 degrees.


Four landscape rectangles on a grid. The top two rectangles are filled with smaller rectangles, each of them containing numbers. The bottom two rectangles contain the same variation of rectangles, but instead of numbers, these are filled with different combinations of geometric lines.

2 variations

16 printed out tables specifying descriptions of movements such as: "arms up" legs bent" and "running". Each table has a few crosses in it, indicating which ones apply. There are handwritten notes all over the tables. It is clearly part of a development process.

16 movements

Picture showing a hand holding up a notebook. The page in the notebook shows a grid that's filled in with numbers, each of them are circled in different colours. In the background, behind the notebook, you can see some low buildings in a suburban area.


Printed table with description of movements, e.g. "Arms up", "Head look up" and "Bounce", Backwards". Handwritten crosses indicate certain movements. There are handwritten notes all over the document that try and work out the best appropriate movements to include.


Series of 580 numbers, handwritten using a black pen. Certain numbers are circled with a pencil.