Lam Fave Lai

Bio: Lai Lam Fave is a Singaporean born, London based artist working with photography, performance and installation. Her practice explores human interactions within the multi-facets of society, pushing the boundaries between performance and reality. Fave’s work highlights our connections towards one another, questioning the genuineness of our thoughts and actions, laughing at the absurdity to search for meaning in our existence.


Instagram: @thefavearchive

My responsibility as a maker is to post a work for today :) 

Here's the word 'Work' made into a visual pattern.

Words Of Work

According to Henri Bergson, 'Laughter punishes failings'. This is a design I intend to make into a sticker.

Laughter is punishment.

A mini collage of people laughing. 
It was a cheat day as it didn't require much effort to make a collage :D

Laughing Portraits

I was organising a Netflix party social night for UAL Dance today. It inspired me to create a movie of my own. This is a horror/comedy film called 'Look How Far You've Come', a newborn baby who is haunted by the faces of those who buried her.

Look How Far You've Come

A musical sheet which documents the sound of a baby's laughter.

Documenting Laughter

A visual collage of an image I took while waiting to watch a movie with my boyfriend.

Please Press Play

An unfinished exhibition mockup on 3D Sketchup

Unfinished Art

Temporary Text

The word "mind" written on a torn sheet of paper, photographed against the window frames.

Don't know how I feel about this 'piece', literally. Feeling kinda sick today but I got to submit something for day 13. Please forgive me for this little amount of effort 🥺 Well, at least I put my 'mind' to it 😂

Giving You A Piece of My Mind

Giving You A Piece of Our Minds

I've made a book cover for a photo series I did back in 2019. "So, I Shot Them" is a photographic documentation of strangers I've met in London. Images I took consist of strangers on the streets, following strangers for a day or even visiting a stranger's home.

"So, I Shot Them" (Photobook Cover)

A highly saturated image of my window with clothing hung to create abstract shadows.

Title: lyrics from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros's "Home"

Home is wherever I'm with you

[IDEAL - Exhibition Plan] 

An immersive video installation with large adult-sized baby cradles that audience can lie in. The cradles would appear to resemble wooden caskets and hospital beds, as a symbolism of birth and death. Four screens will be present, each containing a woman laughing hysterically for 1 minute straight. The video will then be played simultaneously in a never-ending loop, juxtaposing with baby's laughter in the background.

Concept: laughing at our human existence.


I found this image in my photo gallery a few days back, it was horrifying. I was wondering how it appeared there. Turns out it was just a screenshot of a children's movie I was watching. It's funny how an innocent line could mean so threatening if we didn't know the real context behind it.

i found this in my photo gallery and it scared the hell out of me

Dear Window, 

It’s been really cold lately, yet spring is almost here. Thank you for taking care of me throughout this winter, protecting me from the snowy weather. Times are hard these days as we’re still in lockdown. I’m so glad that I can still look out at the world through you. Thank you for giving me hope that there is life outside these four walls that seem to be closing in smaller and smaller everyday. I hope you know that I am truly grateful for your existence and that you’re one of the best window I’ve ever had.


Window of Hope

My guilty pleasure is sleeping. I do it everyday.

Psychedelic Dreams

An image of a 'ghostly presence' under green light.

Ghostly Presence


Humans are like onions. Underneath all those layers, lies the vulnerable and authentic version of ourselves. Here, the onion cries tears of joy as it begins to taste its short-lived freedom.

Temporary Happiness

Image taken of my 'soulmate' on the way home from the grocery store.

Your existence brings me joy ❤️

This is a collage from my sketchbook - (inclusive of torn pages from Tank magazine + stickers + random doodles + glittered hearts). 

Yesterday, I received a call from my brother back in Singapore informing me that our parents were going to sell the house. Upon hearing the news, I was angry, upset and devastated. It wasn't because of the emotional attachment I have for the house, but the fact that they made decisions and kept it a secret from me for 2 months.

Sell the house!