Sylvia Waltering

Bio: Artist and educator. Place, things, walking, making, belonging.


Instagram: @sylviawaltering

Day 21. 28 Lockdown Walks. 10th April 2020 - 12th April 2021.

An assemblage of 18 small black feathers on some glycine paper, a small metal shape, a number of pebbles in a variety of sizes and colours, a large rusty nail and a photographic print of rock surface with some circles cut out.

Day 20

A photograph of a concertina book with a different shaped black line and a distance in Kilometers marked on each page is hung on a white wall. Part of a spider plant pokes into the frame in the left.

Day 19. Lockdown Walks 01/03-07/03.

A photograph of sun reflection and shadows on a ceiling with the plastic ceiling rose and red lighting cable that runs out of the frame to the right.

Day 18

Three small clumps if budleia leaves on top of a print of some bonsai shears.

Day 17. Accidental collage.

A scarlet red circle of bookcloth covered board sits on top of a photograph of a rock surface that has some patches of mustard yellow lichen.

Day 16

A small box covered in grey bookcloth, placed on top of a photograph of the bottom of the sea. The box has an insert covered in steel blue bookcloth, that has a circular aperture cut out revealing a further photograph of the surface of rock.

Day 15

An assemblage of photographs, one of the sea, one arial photograph of fields and houses and one of rock surface. Placed on top of the photographs is a list of birds on yellow paper and tracing paper with a black squiggly line. On top of that is the dried head of a budleia and alder cones.

Day 14

Day 13

A photograph of the surface of rock. In the top righthand corner are the charcoal remains of a fire, surrounded by layers of small rocks and pebbles.

Day 12

A thin slice of a photograph showing water with the round shapes of a salmon farm floating on top printed onto tracing paper. Underneath a layer typewritten text is half legible.

Day 11

Day 10

A silvery stone is placed on top of tracing paper underneath which are sections of two black and white photographs and some small circular map cut outs. One photograph depicts space taken through a telescope and the other one is an arial view of some fields. Below all of the layers is a slab of green marble.

Day 9

A black line drawn on tracing paper sits over a small piece of graph paper that lists 18 bird species. The graph paper partly obscures further layers below that are b&w photographs of landscape textures and a brown riso print of a similar texture. The bottom right corner of the riso print is hidden underneath a further b&w photograph with the same texture, which has got small holes punched out in a random pattern. A small brown pebble sits on top of this.

12.6 miles

A photographs of pipes on a white background. In the top left a pale red pip, a blue ribbed piped in the top right, four interlinked grey ribbed pipe below the blue pipe and a separate grey ribbed pipe towards the bottom left.

Agricultural Incidental Sculpture

Assemblage of an old black and white landscape photograph that is overlaid by an old upside down coloured photographic postcard of a landscape. Both landscapes show boulder and are overlaid by an outline of a shape filled with tally marks. The same shape appears again slightly offset as a black line. Part of a rock is visible in the bottom left corner, it bears the numbers 88 43 .

Day 6

Abstract dot pattern in greens, greys and mauve.

Dry stone wall.

35 lines of tally marks in black pen, with a small free area in the top right quarter that contains typewritten text, which reads: This year you're walking more on average than you did in 2020.

This year you're walking more on average than you did in 2020.

A photograph of an assemblage of pebbles, 3D engineering paper, that has been printed with the surface pattern of rock and a drawing of contour lines. Some of the marks on the pebbles line up with the contour lines. There is a shadow that casts further patterns and lines across the top right corner.


Photograph capturing the reflected shadow of a budleia and a green and blue perspex square with the shape of a boulder cut out.

Day 2

Two brown pebbles lie closely together on some scrunched up brown paper.