Sophie Lee


Instagram: @sophiemeganlee

A blue and pink sky. A lamppost and a neon sign of a ferry boat. Spikey foliage in the corner of the frame.

Running the bath/A different view

Hand written note reading - Make a collaborative work - Make more physical work - Stay away from screens - Ring fence Saturday mornings.

Moving forward

A text document describing a conversation about work being difficult. At the end of the document is a series of bullet points indicating a to do list.

To do

A scan of a black ink drawing of a window frame on tracing paper. Behind the tracing paper is an abstract blue image. Possibly a landscape. Possibly a seascape. At the top of the tracing paper in a strip of masking tape. The edges of the paper are folded over on the left.


An out of focus image of the sea and two small islands.

Day 9

A screenshot of a text document. Reading - 

In bed I am cold

You whimper

I'm coming

Too tired

An overhead photograph of a concertina book, showing four pages. The first a photo of a hand resting against linen bedsheets. The second a photo of a blossom tree shot from above against a grey pavement. The third a small black and white image of water. The fourth a hand holding a small wooden object in the shape of a house.

A year

A black and white photograph tightly cropped in on two hands reaching out to hold one another. In the background there is water. The image is repeated three times against an off white canvas.

Hand holding

Photograph of an unmade bed. Crumpled linen sheets in heather and grey. A baby blanket and 3 pillows. The light coming through the window.


A still of a woman sitting in a chair looking out of a glass window on to a misty landscape. The chair opposite is empty. Subtitles read - dialogue is where transformation happens.

Where is the dialogue?