Claudia Rose

Instagram: @claudia.s.rose

Carved chalk rocks, cut and embroidered wool, pleated carbon paper,  painted polystyrene packaging, limpets and black eyed beans in salt dough, a rock with fossils, a marbled lichen print, some velcromat with filler, and a cracked porcelain bowl - all on the floor together.

Floor debris

A small petal on the pavement stamped with a shoe tread.


Pressed spider plant leaves, some rice noodles, a piece of marbled velcromat, a carved chalk rock with charcoal, a drawing of a wavy grid on the end card of a sketch pad, all on top of a cloth bag.

Cloth Bag

The mud left in the bath after repotting some of the houseplants, with some muscle shells.

Tide marks

A marbled emulsion transfer of some limpets on a paper sample, on top of an open page in my kanji practicing book.

Things we don't know or understand, sand

A blurry photo of marble prints drying in the bath after being rinsed with the shower. There are also some flowers that Aidan got given for free in M&S in some cider bottles.

Marble Bath

Laminated lichen with thermo-reactive pigment taped to the bathroom window with some frog tape. It goes from black to clear when it gets to body temperature.

Bathroom Thermometer

Some marbled paper on a very licheny tree

Lichen time

A suminagashi marbled print on stock photos of lichen, muscle shells and a chart from a temperature recorder for engines, still damp, clinging to the bathroom wall.

Still Damp


Some petals (from what I think are magnolia trees?) found on the walk home with cut outs on some tracing paper on the lamp in the living room.

Plant Lamp

Materials : wool, embroidery thread, velccromat with shells and filler, a carved chalk rock on some woven spider plant leaves, sea glass and various rocks from around the house.

Sun Dial

Salt dough plait with black eyed beans, carrot tops and muscle shells on some perforated packing paper.

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