Jess Young

Instagram: @yo__ung

Blurred photo of an accidental pocket capture of the inside of an orange and white face mask, close up


Photo of a hand holding a fluorescent yellow and sky blue foam clay ball against a pink and orange dotted silk skirt


Photo of two knotted pieces of white rock climbing rope joined by a loop at each of their ends, being held up from the end of one piece against a white wall by an arm with a black sleeve, leaving the other to hang from it’s loop


Photo of a roughly 1 1/2 metre square piece of board propped against a shop shutter that’s been streakily painted white, in afternoon sun


Screengrab of an Instagram DM against a white background reading ‘worn exclusively by smug architects and twats’ that has been liked, with a small red heart at the top right corner of the message


Photo of a blue patterned bowl full of ravioli with almonds and 3 blobs of creme frâiche with a fork stuck in the top right hand side, held next to a white wall and radiator with lamplight coming in the top right corner


Photo of a top down view of a hand with a black cuff showing holding 2 rolls of flurorescent green tape and bright green Stanley knife holder, with two feet wearing white Nike AF1s and white trouser cuffs in the background standing on a wooden floor with fluorescent green tape on it


Photo of a tie dye green hand-sewn pouch with knotted yellow and black paracord tied around the top loosely. It sits on a white table and is casting a shadow to the left.


Photo of a white and green marbled foam clay ring on the ring finger of a left hand, palm up and the fingers pointing slightly towards the camera


Photo of a strap of evenly knotted pale green rock climbing rope with a loop at the end, hanging over the shoulder of someone standing slightly to the right wearing a black hoodie, their chin and neck visible. A white wall can be seen in the background



Photo looking from above a beige carpet with a corner of white paper in the bottom left corner, a roll of white dress making pattern paper, laying across the left edge of a round white table stand, from top right corner to the bottom edge, and a piece of green tape, blue tape and a long thin strip of pink card arranged in a triangle



Impression of a Raptor anti-climb spike made of marbled yellow, brown and white polymer clay star shapes, held on an outstretched he’d palm against a white background

7th April 2021

A photo from a delivery company as proof of postage; an image of a concrete path with a back bicycle wheel visible on the right of the picture, leading to an open black door with terracotta tile flooring and a parcel balanced on the threshold. Two feet with burgundy socks and light pink trousers can be seen in the open doorway


Image of a white sculpted building façade split into six panels, with modernist-inspired shapes, and blue corrugated facing above


Screenshot of two open Preview windows side by side on a blue background; on the left, titled 'ANTI CLIMB' a photo of two vertical rows and two horizontal rows of black anti-climb spikes around a white metal frame, taken from below with a grey sky in the background. On the right, a photo of a discoloured vertical blue anti-trespass spike that curves to the right, also taken from below with a grey sky in the background