Grazyna Piasecka


Instagram: @holyhiccups

Photo of plants during heavy rain.

Documenting The Weather.

Blurred photo taken fro moving bus.

Making art? whilst on the bus. (And I got off at the right stop 🙂)

Close up of violet flowers.

This one doesn't. Or does it?


Close up of an egg from previous day. Colours changed and 4 chicken are placed digitally at the front.


Large, colourful,  painted egg  hanging on the wall outside of the house.

Household Painted Egg Easter 2020.

Close up of the teeth of the dog from day 2 photo.

Whatever Your Smile...

Photo of 2 teddies, brown and cream sitting against pillow with donkey, flower and a little cloud on it.


Close up of 2 pieces of coconut shells partly polished.

Touch it.

3 Feedbacks & 3 Advices- I think I asked the wrong person😁

Photo of the window from outside in sunny day. The photo shows reflection of washing outside, banana trees ,sky and who knows what else. Curtains can be seen as well.


Close up of Mr Whippy ice cream.

Mr Whippy😋

Collage of 2 photos with mosaic.

Not this...

The drawing of very small heart of red, blue, green colours on the piece of paper. The heart is seen through magnifying glass which can be seen on the photo as well.

Working with Heart.

Black and white photo of the dog`s head. The dog is sleeping on his back. Because of the position of his head his "lips" are falling down and the teeth can be seen. He looks like he is smiling.

This Dog

The photo of the window from inside of the room with closed orange curtains on sunny morning.

Something Out There.