Ali Aschman

Bio: Using this year's 30/30 as a daily diary. April is the cruellest month.


Instagram: @ali_gemma

Black and white composite image of halftone photographs. Top half is a woman's face and shoulders, bottom half is a leg extended against background of room with plants. There is text overlaid, reading: i spent the day inside/ i coughed/ my tonsils are red/ my shoulders ache/ got a test, its not covid/ nobody knows how lazy i am

day 4 - nobody knows

Black and white halftone image of five human faces. Image border is inverted, and the word Text is in the centre of the image.

day 3 - in the zoom room

white line drawing on black background of hand sanitizer spurting from bottle; inside liquid are multiple images related to COVID test centre.

day 2 - slow day at the test centre

White line drawing of a person's face brushing their teeth, with surrounding handwritten text on a black background describing their anxious thoughts.

day 1 - toothbrush