Cameron McCracken


Instagram: @cameronmccracken_art

[ID: Illustration depicting a Queen shrouded in a long billowing white gown where only her head can be seen. She has long flowing hazel coloured hair, her crown is oversized and pointy, she has minimal rose coloured makeup on. This Queen has an unamused look on her face. To her right can be seen three stars.]

“Not Amused”

[ID: Illustration depicts a witch flying across the sky in a mortar and pestle, using her broom more as an oar. The witch is in silhouette with the only visible feature of her appearance being her white long hair. Below her in the landscape is a forest of trees in Autumn, some are in varying states of changing colour, reds, browns, oranges, and greens. Deciduous and coniferous trees standing together. The illustration is a practice sketch for a future drawing.]

“Which Witch?”

[ID: Illustration of a dandy walking in a huge field of dandelions. The dandy is joyful with his hands raised above his head, happily strolling through the flowers.]


[ID: Illustration depicts a dreamscape featuring small figures dancing and celebrating around the spontaneous growth of some oriental poppies. In the background is a giant, spectre of a devil like character dressed in an all white clown costume with black, curled toe shoes. The scene is set in an extremely stripped back desert landscape, a rocky outcropping is hinted at and the sun is massive in the sky beating down on all who are present.]

“Desert Oasis”

[ID: Illustration depicting a zoomed in view of a tree stump out of which grows a clump of tiny mushrooms. In the background are trees and ferns, alongside different species of mushroom on the ground. In the middle of the image are bright white flashes of light, which can represent faeries or indeed any other type of creature you can imagine.]

“The Throne of the Green Man”

[ID: Illustration depicting a dream like landscape full of flowers and mushrooms, with a bed upon which is a sleeping dog placed in the centre. It is a happy place full of love and comfort, distilled escapism.]

“Wish I Was Here...”

[ID: Image depicts two red skeletons standing in a sparsely populated field of sunflowers under moonlight. They are in the middle of doing the military two-step, which is incidentally my favourite dance at ceilidhs.]

“Bounce-Kick, Bounce-Kick”

[ID: Illustration depicting Yggdrasil the World Tree from Norse Mythology which holds the 9 realms: Asgard, Midgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir/Svartalfheim, Niflheim, Hel, Múspellheim, and Jötunheim. Also in the picture is the Midgard Serpent also of Norse Mythology. Spreading out from Asgard can be seen the Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.]

“Yggdrasil the World Tree”

[ID: Illustration depicting Surtr from Norse mythology, a jötunn who guards the realm of Múspell and plays a key role in the coming of Ragnarök. The illustration is in black and white and shows Surtr sitting cross-legged on the ground with his fire sword in hand. He has a menacing grimace that almost dares you to challenge him.]

“Surtr of the Fiery Realm, Múspell”

[ID: Illustration is of a dotted line style bat, surrounded by the suggestion of a night sky with stars. A border surrounds the illustration, inside the border are hotrod style flames, stalactites and stalagmites, and winged figures.]


[ID: Illustration of a male Pheasant looking rather glum, he’s looking for a mate but is shit out of luck. The pheasant has an orange circle drawn round him with flowers and leaves placed around it also. The illustration is inspired by medieval iconography, and is an attempt at emulating said imagery.]


[ID: In this illustration a pink cloud is anchored in two places to giant fantastical flowers, in the background a butterfly can be seen. Surrounding the illustration is a coloured border with various shapes and lines within.]

“Happily Marooned”

[ID: An illustration of a large scale pile of rubble, the remains of multiple flats behind metal barriers. The pile resembles a hellmouth, the entrance to hell, having multiple peaks it looks like jagged teeth of some great and horrible creature.]

“Modern Hellmouth”

[ID: An extreme close-up of a tree that is budding and in bloom, it is a tree in Spring time when there is lots of new growth and life returning.]

“The Advance-Guard”

[ID: A flower forest, in a clearing sits a magical white bunny surrounded by flowers and a variety of mushrooms and toadstools.]

“A Clearing in the Copse”

Day 1 of 30Works30Days: ~ “Life returns, Spring has sprung, the wind blows…” 

[ID: A field of flowers, lots of different types such as lilies, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, and daffodils. A tree is in the background, the wind is blowing, and a large cloud can be seen also. Around all of this is a border of additional imagery, similar to what can be seen in many fairy tale books.]

“Life returns, Spring has sprung, the wind blows…”