Elsa Godfrey

responsibility to whom? what about integrity - maybe not -  
yes - integrity and determination! - provenance even . . ?

 i really like this piece - its the only thing i’ve ever sold in a gallery! made in the Olympic year, its based on the location of the stadium - the original image lifted from the A to Z - photoshopped (sparse input from myself) - was just an idea - my idea - creativity - where on earth does that come from? i marvel at its capacity every day its present -  
but i’m already wandering off the subject into very deep water - i’ll drown in a minute . . .

Fish Island

There was a pup, we called her Lol, 
A soft and soppy, boundless soul. 
She loved her grub, she grew up quick, 
Was never one to miss a trick. 
She raced up hills and flew down dales, 
Tramped Stokey streets, checking weemails. 
But in the park she mucked around 
Our Lol she was a naughty hound, 
Dived in the pond and snatched a duck, 
The keepers cross, oh lord oh fuck! 

But Lol grew old, like all god's cast, 
And came the day she breathed her last; 
And so she knows she's ne'er forgot, 
We'll plant her ashes on the plot.

The Illustrator

a few black pixels on a blank page - reminiscent of a children’ story


random filing

Terracotta Filing



pencil sketch  - displaced family

new home?

pebbles and cotton

this way or that

Its a waist coat - everybody can make one


a joint effort but with time constraints - no time to think - just grabbing words - filling spaces - come on!

word salad

early evening collaboration over a glass of wine


after Robert Indiana - I asked the local library if they'd like to display it to remind people to vote since it was to shortly become a polling station for local elections. They decline. So i gave it to my son to hang in The Frame Factory on Cross Street. Two days later an Islington Councillor came in and bought it.


warm cosy space

home at home


notes on practice

squaring the circle?


so I cheated a tad here - its 'one i made earlier' 
but to be fair - its the perfick piece - and
my grand-daughtie - a super-two-year-old has brought her mum to stay for  a few days and there's lots o be done
and all of it is fun!

window dressing

chocolate and whipped cream

creamed shard

so i’m fascinated by the complexities of consciousness 
by the many ways in which a person communicates
and is there any such thing as sixth sense? 
or deja vu? 
where do you go to when you dream?
when you sleep?
and what is a ghost ?
or telepathy? 
how come someone you are thinking about - 
just rings your phone?
what makes that person you are intently watching,
in a restaurant or on a bus or . . 
sooner or later - look round - directly at you?
is it all 
just coincidence?

consciousness on the back of an envelope

a startling discovery whilst engaged in online 'research'

Hermaneutic in a nutshell

made with a little machine - tea tray on the passenger seat - with dollops of paint in the corners, several marbles of different sizes and some water -

so with 2 bits of paper stuck lightly into the middle of the tray - i went round the block - and came back home!

there and back

i sent it to your 12o email - couldn't seem to load it here - 



a day of brief encounters (little film)

door stop - mixed media - organic materials