Mairead Ryan

Bio: well, fancy meeting you here


Instagram: @20000tinyjars

A pencil drawing made to look like a post on the app Depop. There is a picture of a stone and underneath it reads "lilfella00: Rose Quartz Crystal Tumblestone. Selling as i have so many roze quartz. #crystals. Condition: Like new"

someone on depop who has too much rose quartz

A painting of  a shiba inu dog holding a camera. Text is painted on the image in the style of an internet meme. The text reads: "*SNAP* Yep. This one's going in my king compilation."

replying to a W

A photo of a shelf in a shop with various products, such as biscuits and detergent. Numerous handwritten signs say prices, and deals.

shop signs

smaller talk

A paper collage with images of some astronauts in space, a black and white picture of a building in the fog, and a musical band wearing pink suits. A plastic bag containing pink and yellow petals and a small dried plant are attached to the bottom right. Text boxes read: "What's stopping you from being truly fulfilled" and "What are you really afraid of?"

are you really afraid of

A painting of the view through the lens of a camera. It's looking at the side of a camper van. Graffiti on the camper van reads "like a rolling storn".

michigan: report from hell

A pencil drawing of a series of Whatsapp messages which read: "i love a nice ice cube", "in a water", "sometimes"

small poem

A blurred black and white screen print which shows a zebra crossing, a telephone pole, and two figures walking.

the right hand corner of a print i was unhappy with. decided ah sure like i'll keep the corner

A paper collage of some cowboys pointing their guns at a small bird. Text reads: "Have you got something to say?"

🤠 feedback form

A pencil sketch of a monkey reaching it's hand up to take a treat from a man's hand. At the bottom there is a "play" button and a video bars and it reads "37.4K views"

the monkey who loves snacks

personal brand exercise

A paper collage featuring a can lid, a red image of people sitting, a painting of a woman with a dog, and text that says "comfort is desperately underrated"

sure look

A GIF of a spinning minature mobile, made of twigs, dental floss, and small coloured balls.

solar system (actual size)

A photo of a pile of discarded wood in a concrete yard. In the background there is a car, a wall, and a ditch.

found sculpture, my uncle's yard, county wexford

A pencil drawing of a boy wearing a mask, holding a small turtle in his hands.

boy w/ turtle

A paper collage including a picture of a circle of beach-goers, two people wearing masks, some rubbish and a videogame character. Text reads "Hello I am a dog during this coronavirus"


A semi circular stage made from a piece of wood features three sesame seeds painted to look like ants. A hand holds a phone torch at the top of the photo, to light up the stage.

a theatre designed for bugs to stage their various productions in

A flowchart begins with the question "Is it a little guy?" Following "yes" leads to the question "Birdy, like?" the next "yes" arrow leads to "Are you in Ireland?", and the next "yes" arrow leads to "You seen him round before?" The last yes arrow leads to "Congratulations! You have recognised a Common Irish Garden Bird"

A Guide to Identifying Common Irish Garden Birds

A block printed image of a man holding a can in one hand and a chicken in the other. He has his hood up, and a cigerette in his mouth.


A paper collage featuring a white feather, a tear in the paper, and text which reads "Helping myslef if I'm lonely?"

helping myself if i'm lonely?

A paper college including cut-outs of a cow, a zoom meeting, and dried leaves. Text says: "Despite her reputation, Sylvia did have her moments of sublime glory." and "Consider."