Simone Swaine

Instagram: @Simoneswaineart

My studio desk this evening, surrounded by my painted scraps of jetsam fabrics I'm happy playing with adding more marks and possible composition ideas.

Scraps of fun

This piece has been my constant distraction to, well, just about everything else I should have been doing instead. A large textile art painting made from deconstructed, discarded materials that I have painted, printed and made marks on before reconstructing using reverse applique, hand and machine stitches before making more marks with paint and ink on top. Inspired by surroundings, sounds and senses.


This is the largest textile artwork I have attempted to date, measuring 40cm by 40cm. Made from discarded materials that have been painted, printed, reverse applique and free stitching as a form of drawing. Inspired by place, process and emotion it holds a narrative of the materials history alongside its new form.

Day Dreamer

Today I went to a local wildlife park, I collected visual resources to use back in the studio. A reference of textures, colour, shapes and lines that I can use in my next works.

Visual collection of ideas

Adding fine detail and small marks on textiles. Overlapping stitch as another form of drawing.


Today's 30 by 30 brief was to collaborate with someone, this piece has been made as part of the canvas project where artist Kirstie Tebbs invites artists to make art that fits a 12 by 12cm canvas. Inspired by a coastal walk I often take this piece has been made with washed up rags found along the shore, painted and marked, constructed and emblished with threads and fibres. It tells the story of past use entwined with place, value and time.

Little Trek

Mixed media collage and acyrilic paint. A play with composition and colour.


Small rifts of waste paper, acyrilic, emulsion and chalk paint, inspired by the walls in our home.

If walls could talk

Collage of rifts of waste paper and card, acyrilic paint, inks and pen.

Little rift

Inspired by a local walk this textile collage is made from discarded materials, acyrilic and found emulsion paint, ink jet printed, hand and machine stitched and reverse applique as part of an experimental play with process.

Witches Cove

Textile art made from jetsam rags deconstructed, painted, inked, printed and layered with marks and imagery, reconstructed and overlapped with more marks and stitches, influenced by place and process.

Route to nowhere

A collage made from discarded textile pieces that have been painted, printed, and marked in various ways with various materials, ripped, torn and stitched back together in response to time and place. Locking into place a new narrative that overlaps the materials previous history and use.

Flight sight

Textile art collage, made from jetsam rags, painted, monoprint, inks and stitch. Marks made as an intuitive response to landscape, visual, sound and smell.

Tangles in the tide

A collection of thumbnail sketches of the allotment, gathering a visual library of lines, marks and colour to use back in the studio.

Thumbnails of the allotment

Textile art collage made with jetsam rags from the local coast line, painted, printed and stitched marks in an intuitive response to place and material.

Between the rock and rag

Textile art made from jetsam rags, acyrilic, chalk paint, ink and thread. An intuitive response to the lines and marks of local landscape.

Snail trail

Collage of found papers with acyrilic, ink and oil stick.

Cats tail