Angela Pilgrim

Photo of page of writing

Documenting work

Willow, ribbon and paper

Work made whilst making tea

Drawing of willow sculpture idea to be fixed to the fence round our pond.

Willow sculpture

Paper and tissue paper on card

Remake of sea creatures

Crayon and ink.

All the fish in the sea

Cable, insulators and UK Power Network

Power network

Wood, acrylic paint, plastic waterbottle, wire and cane

Home at home for bees

Plaster casts curated in a wood by two small children

Plaster casts in the wild

Photos of before and after with text


Tissue paper and card

Window work

Watercolour painting.

Chocolate - a guilty pleasure

Charcoal on canvas.

View from the kitchen window

Children's writing on paper with felt tip.

Research with children

3 fids made from whittled hazel sticks. Decorated with acrylic paints and a Turk's Head knot

3 Fids

Blackthorn, Violets and Batchelors' Buttons flowers in watercolour and ink.

Hedgerow flowers

Welded pylon reminiscent of those just beyond our garden fence becomes a useful dog lead rack.

From pylon to dog lead rack.