Molly Lambourn

Bio: Molly Lambourn is an emerging Fine Artist from Kent. She is currently completing her master’s in Fine Art at UCA Canterbury and is also completing an artist residency with Jane Austen House. Her practice specialises in drawing, she draws obsessively on 2D and 3D forms. Molly’s practice is inspired by literature and explores themes of womanhood, self, and mundanity. Her work is decadently intricate and detailed, subverting conventional images of beauty and femininity to explore darker realities. Her recent practice has involved completing an artist residence with the Cordial Eye Gallery in Massachusetts, focusing on how the concept of ‘Joy’ can be used for sustained political activism. She is a continued Artist in Residence for Mouthing Off Magazine. Molly has worked with Pow! Thanet to develop engaging community exhibitions, her co-organised ‘Women in Protest’ show celebrated the Greenham Women. Adapting to Covid 19 which prevented the conventional use of galleries, the show utilised Margate’s Broad Street and took over several windows of local businesses. She has also recently been selected for the RBA 2021 Rising Star’s Exhibition.


Instagram: @mollylambourn

Take a pause

As in in RBA Rising Star's show 2021, The Beaney Museum of you Exhibition 2020, Isolation Exhibition 2020 and more...

In flowers: Cheat day throwback


Planning ahead...

Starting with gentile presentations of characters to a subversive one of Jane

Breaking the gentility: Month one on my residency with Jane Austen House

Made while the kettle boiled

3 min Elinor Dashwood

Work in progress - Jane's writing was not without difficulty, her time in Chorton provided great productivity.

Work in progress- Jane in Chorton Leaf

Plans for Jane Austen main piece - Month 1 of residency

I wasn't sure about the prompt I had originally done for this day so redid it.

Emma by window take 2

Nothing but you: A Kurt Kallaugher and Molly Lambourn Collab

Recreation of an old work, adding colour and removing text.

Nobody ever joins me here

My favourite part of Jane Austen's house, see my instagram @mollylambourn for my visual journey on my residency with the house.

Jane Austen's writing desk

A work in progress, a deeply introspective piece focusing on the duality of self doubt vs confidence. A battle between two selves.

Work in progress: working life sized for impact :)

Work in progress, going fully out of my comfort zone and drawing on a bigger scale than ever before. Mixed media painting relating to themes of the self, duality and internal conflict.

Advice: To successfully draw the body with impact, it must be life sized... my work in progress

Emma's view of the world is one that she feels is absolutely correct. Little does she know that a beautiful truth is staring her in the face.

Emma looking out by the window (Quick sketch)

Well my personal Jane Austen guilty pleasure is the romance! Don't get me wrong, I know that there is so much more to Austen's writing but I love the budding relationship between Mr Knightley and Emma. I think the romance in Jane Austen's novels is just a part of what makes it so universal.

Emma and Mr Knightley

I chose to resolve a piece I have been dipping in and out of for a few weeks today. I have not yet decided an official title for it.

Untitled: Resolved piece

Austen is known for writing about gentile Georgian women, little known is that her teenagers writings rebelled against every writing and social convention of the period. Pictured here are two women gorging on food, far from the gentile figures we are used to in Austen's novels.

A scene from Jane Austen's teenage writings....

Inspired by the Shakespeare obsessed Marianne from Sense and Sensibility...

Marianne: 20 minute sketch with barbeque skewer and ink

Emma's gorgeous yellow outfit in the 2020 adaptation brings me absolute joy. I love the colour yellow and it really represents the vibrancy of her character.


Pride and Prejudice Cocktail Umbrella