Hannah Clarke

A marbled background of blue green and terracotta with the text “mind blank” layered over top in white caps text


A blue sketch of the estuary on a tangerine orange background

Day 20; Sunsets beachside

A photo collage of a Polaroid or white flowers in a plinth of wood. And a close up image of the flowers.

Green Fingers

Photograph of garden shrub in low exposure

Day 18

Photo collage of the same black and white dog wearing a sombrero and summer hats on a neon pink background

Hats and dogs

3 photos of a small ginger dog, overlaid on a royal blue background.

Dog Moodz: 2.0

A photo/ image collage, of 3 images of the same blonde Labrador -one looking at the camera, the next wearing sunglasses, the last In a winter hat. on a green background

1 Dog, 3 Moods

An image collage of Alan Partridge with the words skrit skrit skrit overlaid

A visual representation of my brain deciding what to make today

A photoshopped image of three hands holding a pistachio in its palm. The image has been cut up and collaged the mimick the cracking action when opening up the nut. Delish.

Eating the moorish pistachio < the satisfaction of the Cra ~ ck

The Dance Plunger — using thrusts to unclog the brain dead administrator

Bin bags & botched haircuts

at home

A photoshopped image of a hand splayed. A leafy plant in the background. The hands outline has been cut out and overlaid three times in pink, green and orange neon.

Hands, touching hands. Reaching out, touching me — touching you

An image of photoshop with Error 404 overlaid. In the bottom right corner is an illustration of a male doctor coming in to help the technical error

Error 404!? A photoshop meltdown

Procreate collage of seascape images and textures laid over one another. With the words — dreaming of blaming nights and the first toe dip on top in a typewriter font. The colours palette is of sunset hues

Balmy toe dips

A digital artwork of an assortment of fruits on a bubblegum pink background with the words TOOTY FRUIT overlaid in black text

Ooo that’s fruity

photo of Matisse inspired white paper cut out, stuck on brown card - photographed outside on brick patio and leaning against Reed screening. Low exposure.

Two Shrubs Intertwined

Pen drawing of a bunch of wild flowers on white paper.

Still Blooms

We Salsa on Saturdays

two focaccia breads displayed in their dishes with the recipe handwritten on paper and a rosemary plant.

GFF—Good Focaccia Friday

A bunch of daffodils with photographic faces in the centre of the flowers on a bright luminous background. Highlighter green text surrounds the bunch of flowers naming some facts about daffs. 
Easy to grow #personalgrowth
Symbolise new beginnings
Always present in a bunch 
Some sources say they smell of cat wee...

Personal Growth