Sayako Sugawara

Bio: Sayako Sugawara is a London based Japanese artist working with photography, moving image and installation. Using various photographic processes and the cognitive associations that occur in the physical aspect of creative development, her work explores notions of memory and imagination, analysis and poetics, stillness and movement. The tactile aspect of the working process is essential in her practice.


Instagram: @sayako_sugawara

Screenshot documentation of handmade paper from phone album.

Chance Screenshot Documentation

A temporary drawing using dried up tulips and water from the vase.

Dried Tulip Drawing

Three curled handprinted gelatine silver prints of a redwood tree.

Redwood Seaweed

Shadows of many little mountains.

Dreaming about the Many Many Mountains

Many mountains made of stones with strong shadows.

Many more Mountains

Two little red mountains in little stones.

Finding Little Mountains in Little Stones

Bubbles in a plastic jug.


A heap of handmade paper with the sun shining on them.

I’ve made a nest.

Stones wrapped in handmade paper drying on the heater.

Things you do

A number of Almost  black an white Prints of a tree laid out on white paper.

The One in the Woods

Two b/w handmade paper with some line drawings and mountain like shape on the window. It merges to the background of a residential flat and some trees.

Mountainscape on my window

Shadow of plants caught on a sheet of paper.

Shadow Catching

A mountain that only appears under the right conditions. First seen during the first lockdown in 2020.

Mt. Morgana

Photographic prints, drawings and temporary arrangements of real and imaginary mountain scapes.

Trekking Plan

Drawing tools made of recycled or everyday materials.

The Magic Drawing Tools

Drawing exercise 2 - Scanner drawing of fragments of everything.

Fragments of Everything

A scanner drawing of paper offcuts creating lines and a cloud.

Passing Cloud