Diana Stroe

Bio: I'm just a MA student who's just here because why not? Also, I'm sorry for the fickle quality!

Instagram: @dia_cs

Monster performic magic trick


A boy falls down, holding a toy.


A very simple floating head with hands holding a drawing.

Lack of interest in self

Colourful landscape of a mountain near a lake.


Yellow sky with grey clouds.


Blind contour.

Instead of airing laundry, I was doodlin' this

Abstract drawing of a girl watching the sea.

The Parallel Path of Bob Ross's Blue Moon

Same ol'

A woman stares at her reflection. Her shadow looks like an eye.

Remaking Reflection

A woman looks at the black mirror, and doesn't see anything in it. Her shadow is shaped to look like an eye.

Reflecting Nothing

Some guy on his knees, throwing up while a thing rises from the puddle.


A man being dunked in the black water by some hands.


A man meeting a weird humanoid shape/monster.


A person staring up at some weird, dripping thing.


A weird black eye that shows a door opening.


Just a person watching something in their bed.

Night time activity

Rough tiny sketches of a horse, some monkeys and a mouse/rat.

Sketching Animals (Getting there)

A simple doodle of a girl on a pdf.

Research + Doodlin'

A bear mouse hybrid sitting in a colourful forest.


Bird be flying on a purplish sky


A simple drawing of a few pages being throw at the campfire, under a purplish starry sky.