Tilda Scarlett

Bio: Hi i'm Tilda (she/they), i'm in my 2nd yr of fine art at chelsea college of arts, london :D

Instagram: @tildascarlett

picture of my left arm with the wrist bent awkwardly so that blue warp threads can be straight between my shoulder and index finger, with a few rows of brown weft thread.

one-arm weaving with other arm as loom

hands can't be still

continuing the weaving from yesterday, there is now a lower half made up of greens and blues, and a top half of reds, pinks and yellow, separated by a curved white line.


photo of small weaving on cardboard loom. The block of weaving at the bottom is meant to be like a landscape, it is made up of a wavy blue line above two sloped shapes in dark blue and turquoise. Beneath these is a rectangle of green across the width of the weaving. In the top right there is a yellow semi circle, the start of a sun shape.

weave in progress

photo of me sitting side-on at my desk in the same format and lighting as yesterday's post (day 16). This time I'm leaning back against the wall with both feet up resting on the edge of my bed, with my arms clasped around my knees. Again I'm looking away from the camera so you can see a side profile of my face, but this time my laptop is not in the frame so I'm just looking into the distance. Near the top of the image there is a text box with pink italic text that reads 'did the 2 things that I had to do but now I have some more things to do'

postcard 2

photo of me sitting side-on at my desk in the corner of my room. I'm mostly in shadow because the lamp is lighting up the wall behind me, which is mostly covered in postcards. I'm facing away from the camera towards my open laptop screen, sitting hunched over and looking down at my hands because I'm picking at the remains of my chipped nail polish. One foot is up on the chair so my leg is bent. There is a text box over a blank part of the wall near the top of the photo with red text that reads 'got overwhelmed that i had 2 things to do so i sat like this for an hour not doing either of them'


six different sized post-it notes arranged on a double page of my sketchbook. In the top left the yellow one has a list of bands: Kleenex/Liliput, Ludus, Nots, Delta 5, Au Pairs, Shopping, Terrible Truths and Suburban Lawns). Below that an orange post-it says 'weave another kind of personal space'. Next a pink one that says 'BRING YOUR KEYS'. Above that a blue note 'ways of linking' next to yellow 'PERFORMANCE ACTIVITIES + MATERIAL PRACTICE'. Then pink: 'OR PUT THE LATCH ON'

post-it collage (least resistance)

some more knitted different sized squares and rectangles that have been stitched together at the edges using green thread.

more shapes

photo of 2 small knitted white squares and 1 rectangle on my cutting mat.

knitted shapes

weaving horizontally across the frame in yellow, dark pink, light blue, brown, light pink stripes left to right

stripey weaving


a few rows of weaving in pink and blue

tiny bit of progress

extending the weaving, listening to goat girl

photo of rectangular weaving in beige wool with a small green rectangle in the top left next to a diagonal red stripe in progress.

i make up these wonky shapes as i go along

sketchbook drawing of my room with blue pencil lines to represent the vertical weaving threads that would run from floor to ceiling and horizontal purple lines weaving through the blue lines.

thinking about room as loom, weaving as performance

the radiator stopped working again so i'm back to dancing to rapture to keep warm

work-in-progress image of tiny weaving in the space between my first and ring fingers

weaving in pink with right hand as loom

weaving in green with leg as loom

white and grey background with small cropped screenshot of my hands above my head awkwardly, and text that reads 'what are u meant to do with your hands when u dance anyway'


detail photo of weaving using off-white wool with a rectangle of lime-green in the centre.

green window

remember having things to remember?