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A small building with an open gate attached on the left side of pen drawing. Then a gap, then the gate closed on the other side attached to a brick wall. Then in front of this is lots of little round shapes with different colour highlighter messily filling the shapes, and outside the lines. The word “confetti” is above the drawing. There is a slight visible bend in the paper in two places.


Digital painting. Background of yellow gradient into blue. On top of this is a cut out textural image with a red brush of paint alongside it. Underneath a purple shadow.


Pen drawing of a man holding a briefcase with “work shit” written on it. One of the mans arms is bigger than the other. There’s a caption that says “my arm is bigger from carrying all my work shit”

Work shit

A small boat with a figure on it is shown amongst waves. A man on the land is saying “I hope he’s ok”

I hope he’s ok

An pen drawing of an open Amazon box. Inside the box is nothing. Underneath text reads: “hey guys welcome to my unboxing”

Hey guys welcome to my unboxing

A pen drawing of a blue car. Above it is written: “something not right about this car”

Something not right about this car

A hand  with a watch that says “ticking” rests on a blank piece of paper with “Eulogy” written on top. The wrist band of the watch is blue. Eulogy is highlighted with purple. A right hand holds a phone which shows a screenshot of the google webpage for “how to write a eulogy”. The phone is green.

How to write a eulogy

Table and tears with tears crossed and replaced by teers. A pen drawing of a table which is crying and underneath a crying face. There are tears in the page also.

Table and Tears

A pen drawing of a computer where “LOG OFF” is written on the screen in frightening writing. The keyboard says “a,b,c etc” and “the end is nigh :)” as if that’s the keyboard layout. Above the drawing it says “Nah :)”

I will never log off

Pen drawing of a Marshall amp with sound waves of feedback coming out of it saying “you’re shit”. Beside this is a man, who is crying, with his fingers in his ears. At the top it says “FEEDBACK Issue #1”.


Don’t Knock I’m Sleeping is written in big writing. Underneath a picture of a person sleeping in a bed. Various messages are written around the page. “Have some respect!”, “please leave :)” “Do you mind?”, “what do you want anyway?”, “why are you here?”, “do you have a phone?” “Greg, is that you?” (Underneath this message is a picture of the person sleeping looking angry, while sleeping), “if the birds are singing, don’t go ringing... my bell!!”, “I’m dreaming that I’m drowning”, “if it’s light out then I’m out... for the count!!!”, “‘it’s 5pm’. And...? This is my house” and more...

Window Signage

Still from the woooow vape vine. Underneath a drawing of that still by the artist. Below that “woooooow” is written as if it leaves and returns to the page.


Figure, dancing

The figure becomes like a dance which does not need time to unfold.

Collage of images including stone, Drake meme no face, glass of water, quote about despair, train tracks, airplane trail, ruler, gold paint, man sitting in expanse, boulder and person

A Stone

Red curtains closed during the daylight



It’s Done Because I’m on 1%

Tweet on a Plinth

Tweet on a Plinth