Lily Lavorato


Instagram: @@lilylavorato

A hand holding a small terracotta clay sculpture with finger like shapes coming out of a base. There are threads in red, blue and black around the figures.

warped weft


Screenshot taken during a Zoom meeting of a red haired woman smiling. The background of her Zoom box is a stone grotto which she is pretending to sit inside.

Nim in a cave

The Meal Manifeasto written in teal writing with an animated tortoise that zooms behind the text.

a manifeasto

Messy mixtures of yellow, green and blue lines drawn quickly in iPhone notes.

Nearly forgot


Black text reads 'Disability Resources for Artists and Organisations' on top of a swirly yellow background. There is a cute black smily face emoji made of punctuation in the middle of the image.

Disability Resources

Turquoise text overlaid on image of novelty tortoise salt and pepper shaker holder. The text is a manifesto for a collaborative project called THE MEAL.

The Meal Manifesto

The phrase '100% Artistic Content' is layered over multiple images of the bottom of a red high heel. There is turquoise green fishing net in the background.


A hand is placed on a large sculpture made from clay with three fingers.

to have and not to hold

Charcoal drawing of cave on handmade paper.


Black and white drawing of a figure bent to the side with arms wrapped around head.


air speed (thank you for the light)

One image of a small white dish with a red puree inside it is used to create a tiled affect. Two text boxes are shown on top one which reads: PLEASURE: (eating sardella on toast that took 2 months to arrive from my dads) and the other which says GUILTY (not knowing how to make it or the dialect of Mandatoriccio).

hella sardella


Collage GIF including a drawing of a figure with hands wrapped over its head, picture of debris on a beach, picture of warped plastic curtains and text which reads: Think of the cycle of the day (where the sun rises etc) and the seasons. So east, new beginnings, fresh inspiration, new growth, south the heat of the sun, the busy activity of summer, West, harvesting the rewards of activity, putting things in store for the next cycle, North rest hibernation, reflection, pause.

old and new research

Text overlaid onto an image of lotuses in a pond. Text reads: empty droplets curling into stone crevasses gravity warming to the ground gentle curves around body, kelp encasing sun filtering, passing through me to you nothing (place, person, feeling, thought) to hold us in the peace of presence 1. soften bodies to their nature 2. rub minds with bodies build warmth reborn into void

Notes on breathing/hosting my work

Sailing home, home

Roll of clay wrapped in plastic and tied together with string. Pin needles stuck into it.

Pun cushion?