Elsie Moore

Bio: Hi :) I'm 2nd year Fine art student at Chelsea College of Arts (ual) from Dorset, UK.

Instagram: @elsiemooreart

Screenshot of a FaceTime call. The larger image in the centre is of a woman (the artist) smiling and holing up a garland of shapes, cut out of blue and white gingham. In the top corner is the face of a man doing a big smile.

Important 4pm meeting

Vertical image of text on blue and white gingham fabric. Text is handwritten but cut out of dark grey paper and laid on top of the fabric. There is some blue and white floral tape on the tear. Text says: 'you'.

you sat on my gingham tablecloth

Image of a 1 metre by 1 metre, square piece of natural coloured cotton fabric taped to a white wall with 2 small pieces of masking tape in the top corners. On the fabric is a faint outline of handwritten text in pencil. Text says: 'thank you inspirational teacher'.

banner in production: thank you inspirational teacher

Two Ghosts On The Circle Line

Vertical image of three repeated images. Image one is of multiple strands of blonde human hair swirling and overlapping on a white tile. The second has a stronger contrast that removes the background and defines the hair. The last image removes the colour, so it looks more like black and grey line drawings.

Shower Drawing

Image of a message on an off-white painted wall. Text says: 'thank you inspirational teacher'. The message is handwritten but been enlarged and printed onto sheets of a4 paper in black and white. The paper is stuck together and onto the wall with yellow tape.

Thank you inspirational teacher

Accidentally Capturing Accidents: Dustbin Disaster

Image of a drawing in a yellow/brown colour pen on white paper. The drawing fills the page and is of horizontal, interlocking, looping lines that mimic the pattern of knitting. The lines are darker at the top of the page but become lighter towards the bottom as the ink runs out.

Knitting with my pen

forming the follicle

Image of an open hand, palm open. In the hand is lock of blonde hair that curls slightly to ones side. At the top of the hair is an off-white coloured wax bulb holding it together. The lock of hair with the wax is almost the full length of the hand.


Two images of stitched lines on off-white coloured fabric. The first image is the front and the second is the back of the fabric. First image has several strands of red wool, all curving in the same direction, with red zig zag stitches over the top. The second image has white zig zag stitched lines all curving in the same direction.

stitched experiment

Image containing 6 landscape photographs of a red knitted rope, twisted on a windowsill. Images laid out in 3 rows of 2 with a white background. Images on the left are in colour and images on the right are black and white. All images are the same but are each slightly different in colour, contrast and brightness.

Knitted Rope

Knitting Machine

Untitled (hair on bush)

Eternal Yarn - Collaboration with Zoe Horne


I was hiding but I wasn't very good at it

It doesn't grow on trees

Image of a double page in a sketchbook. On the first page there are several simplified line drawings in red, of people holding skipping ropes in four rows. On the second page there are two simplified line drawings in red, of people holding skipping ropes. Underneath is handwritten text. Text reads: 'Skipping rope formations'.

Skipping Rope Formations

Skipping Rope

Washing Line