Jake Shepherd

Bio: He/Him Based in Aberdeen, Scotland

Instagram: @Jake.r.shepherd

An umbrella plant in the sunlight with a sheet of cyanotype paper developing behind it


A piece of ceramic in a flowerbed

A day in the garden

A red orangey light with the text the sun though my eyelids

The sun through my eyelids

A photo of a hand holding a tiny bit of seaweed over the sea


A zine that can be printed on one a4 sheet and folded in to an 8 page zine, all the pages read in green text different words in spiky text:

Take Care

healing zine (print out at home)

A double page of a notebook.

Group notes

4 rough shaped and textured sheets of paper. All bluey grey tones

More handmade paper

Two curries garnished with ginger, coriander, chillies and red onions with naan breads on the side.

A Delicious Chole - Chopping Club with Navi Kaur

A Packet of "LIVE LAUGH LOVE" stickers in a spiky hot pink font on a green background. Sticker packet also reads: "Inspirational Stickers. Individual, Unique, Super cool, Inspiring, Wow.

Inspirational Stickers

A tree and the moon

Tree and moon

A digital painting of a colourful blurredimage of a woman in a red top picking fruit at a fruit stand

fruit stand

An image of a pile of demolished concrete and reinforments with a pop of blue spraypaint overlayed on a blue to white fading gradient. The text to the right of the image reads "but we had a nice wee time o' it like"

Voicenote from Jamie

A Digital image made up of halftoned layered images of woodworm patterns. The image is a strong deep blue.


A drawing of an aloe Vera leaf in green below a pencil drawn grid on a squared sheet of paper

Aloe sketch

A sheet of grey paper with embossed prints of woodworm patterns taken from a floorboard by making a rubbing with pencil.


An image of a close up of the texture of an octopus skin with a blue tint overlayed and an orange circle in the centre.


A collaged image of fire textures in bright orange and ice blue.


A line drawing of a greyhound roaching (lying on their back) layed over an image of an italian greyhound being petted and basking in the sun, another image of a dogs white paw in the palm of a human hand. the text in thenimage reads pure joy.

Pure Joy

A photograph of a sheet of blue/green handmade paper with the shadows of a plant on the paper creating a line drawing

Handmade paper