Iris Helena Hamers

Instagram: @iris.helena.hamers

video still of an instagram story consisting of a pink background and a composition of gifs. The outline of a sobbing girl, in front of her a plate of spaghetti with a self rising fork and a cut hand that is walking on its fingers. Next to her on the left some words saying “god is good all the time all the time go is good all the things gimme”. Underneath is a man with censored eyes who presents the words “sleep all the time”

Gimme (video still/instagram story)

Keeping track of what I actually do

Video-still of a kitchen with oven and water boiling in pot on the fire. In the front is a cluster of gifs mingled with digital brushes. The cluster includes a human holding its head, clapping feet, a face with eyes bleeding out and mouth wide open, a digestive system, a football, a knife saying “not dead yet”, a shooting star and a black diamond.


stuck and sad

I don’t know

Lay down and cry

Photograph of two mugs on a messy kitchen counter. The one on the right is blue with red nipples all over and a glossy surface. The left one is matte green and has a face. The eyes and nose are pointy spikes, the mouth is a puffy ring


I have so much to say

Photograph of bedroom corner draped with flowers and plants, cups of tea and lemon water, cushions an iPad, cork blocks, a cork mat on a blue patterned rug, a blanket, blank sheets of paper and a pen


Negative Covid-19 Antigen Test on brown table


Spilled tea on a brown wooden table which has been dabbed in little dots around the main puddle

Teadrops (Verbena from Morocco)

Looping video of a bedroom window, in the frame of the window is a digital drawing of an artificial nature scene including a gif of a sloth and other gif animations

That view

Potato chips and fallen leaves swept up on paint-stained dark studio floor next to white wall. Leaves and chips similar in shape, chips and paint stains similar in color


Empty page

No title

Researching Rome under orange painting on couch

Researching Rome under orange heavy content painting on couch

Painting in studio


green painting in bedroom

green painting in my bedroom

Instagram story 01042021