Liz Naden

Abstract digital painting/collage with a focus on shape and pattern

Hangover Part 2 - We'll see about it in the morning

Abstract digital collage with wood pattern background and blue quarter circle on top

Simple Quick

A abstract digital collage/drawing with a focus on exploring pattern and colour.

Cut Out

A abstract digital collage/drawing with a focus on exploring pattern and colour.


Abstract Digital Painting


Digital Abstract Painting

We're there

Abstract Digital Painting

Made It

Abstract Digital Painting

Balancing Arc

Digital painting. 3 squares of texture line the middle of the page. First contains blue scribbles, second contains a white circle on red background, third is black stripes with a small brown circle next to it.

Row 1

Digital A5 painting. Beige shape (like a side on man with hand out) appears to hold a red circle composed above hand. Black stripes decorate arm and head.


Digital painting. Black and white A5 checkerboard postcard, with shapes cut out of the black and coloured textures in the background.


Digital abstract painting with black shape dominating the bottom left


Abstract digital painting with a focus on balancing shapes and organic colours

limbo 2

Square abstract digital painting. Shapes balanced on top of each other in cropped textures and organic greens, blues and browns.


Small A5 abstract digital painting. Textured blue background with cream shape on top with small orange circle above it + small black lines in top left corner.


Abstract square digital painting using shapes and textures created in photoshop. A red shape occupies most of the pages, with a circle. semi circle and charcoal textures decorating it.


Abstract A3 size digital drawing/painting shape collage. Cream triangle in the top right, black charcoal sketches in the middle and cut out shapes scatter the page in organic, muted blues, dark greens and bright red.

Anxiously Waiting