Ayane Thurlow

Photo of a pink and white patterned beetroot that has been cut into a heart and is held in a pink stained hand

Bloody hearts

gif made with a collection of photos taken of my bedroom window at different times of day, all set on top of a background of a glistening, frosty window. It ends with a video of a reflection in the window, of man walking off out of shot

locked up locked down

A black, granite kitchen counter is dusted with flour which has left behind the impression of the utensils that were on it but have been removed.


Photo of 3 eggs frying in a pan, joined together and with one yolk broken


gif made of diagrams, that flash into the image, including soundwaves, magnetic fields, a pigeon, and a short clip of birds flying in a circle


scanned image of tools made with shells, tied with blue string onto crochet hooks. one is pointed and one is round with a spiral inside.

shell tools

walk between

Hand pours water from a slightly wonky, green vessel onto a plant in the kitchen sink

Feeding Time