The image shows a rectangular piece of cardboard. In the centre of the cardboard are two hands with the thumb and index finger touching, making the shape of an eye. The hands are painted white, with a white circle painted inside the 'eye' shape.

third eye

The image is of three white paper stars attached to white string which is taped to a wall via red thread. Each star has red text in the middle. The first star's text reads "5:1", the middle star's text reads "13.4", and the third star's text reads "38 carbs".


The image shows an A5 piece of paper with a shaded drawing of a hand, with darker layers for overlapping shadows. Around this  are shadows cast from a hand on a piece of white paper.


The image shows two bright yellow sharps bin from a bird's eye view. The left bin is empty, while the right bin is full to the top with needles.


The image shows two hands cut out of paper hanging from the ceiling via red thread. Each hand has a circular hole cut out the middle, and on the top of one of the hands you can see where the thread is attached using red tape. Behind the paper hands you can see their shadows on the wall.

Looking 2

The image shows a hand holding a small rectangular pieces of card with two circular eye holes cut out. Another hand can be seen behind the card through the eye holes.


The outline of four fingers are embroidered using red thread. The fingers are embroidered into a photograph showing two overlapping shadows of a hand.

Red Hand

An out of focus drawing of two men and two women smiling.

Home Away From Home

A landscape rectangular grid with small squares with two hand shadows reaching towards text reading "After the Whitney performance, I suggested". The text continues below and reads "that we write songs with audio-descriptive lyrics."


Photograph of a worm's eye view of three origami fortune tellers hanging from a ceiling via red string and red tape. Numbers 1 to 6 are visible on the inside of the closest fortune teller.


A grey landscape rectangle with the outline of the top of a hand punched out as small holes.

Hello World

A red painted rectangle with the word "Aries" in the centre in pink. A pink star is above the letter 'R' and below the letter 'S'

Horoscope Card

A pencil sketch of a rabbit wearing a cardigan and holding a mug.


A photograph of a ghostly hand behind thin paper, with palm lines drawn with pencil. Text around the hand reads the words "Fate", "Life", "Heart", "Head", and "Sun". Above each finger is a letter spelling out "Earth".

Earth Hand

A small rectangular piece of cardboard with a hand cut out of the centre casts a shadow onto the wall below it.


White book with a drawing of a pink cat on the first page. The text reads "Misty moo mon cheri petit pois".

My Favorite Things

Square painting of yellow, pink, purple, and orange rabbits with a black border.

Baby Buns