Rita Castanheira

Bio: Rita Castanheira is a Portuguese visual artist currently based in London. Her artistic practice and research focus on the body’s relationship with technology through a combination of video and performance. She is interested in the different ways digital devices, popular internet culture and social media are shaping our identities.

Website: https://www.rita-castanheira.com/

Instagram: @thatssoreta

Irradiating confidence

Light blue background and floating text which reads: Let go.

Let go

Abstract digital drawing. Purple ribbons over a multicoloured background.

Finished an old drawing | Magical algae

This abstract digital drawing was done by using my phone, in tones of pink, orange and light red.

Digi sketch from my phone

Drawing of a crying girl on an outdoor billboard.

Make it public

An abstract digital drawing of an organic abstract green shape over a purple background.

Squinting my eyes in the hopes of being able to see my screen past my reflection

Topographic abstract digital drawing. Light purple shapes on a blue-greenish background.

Intuition void

Colourful pastel glittery background with the following caption: "Clouds, glitter and bright blue skies with a pinch of delusion".

Clouds, glitter and bright blue skies with a pinch of delusion

Avatar portrait of a brown-haired woman wearing a lilac shirt and hoop earrings. Blue and white background.

Paint me again

The picture depicts a portrait of two faces merging - a face of a human (the artist) and the face of its avatar. The background is a collage of virtual windows for the virtual world.

Merging skins | pores and pixels

Swimming, meditating

The image depicts an empty tiny dollhouse surrounded by white-ish clouds and a purple/pink background.

Working within the walls of an empty tiny house

Singing in the museum

"It feels quite magical and mystical"

The picture depicts purple abstract shapes over a blue background.

Ode to the dust and spider webs on my bedroom window

Under a love spell

The picture depicts an abstract purple shape on a light pink background fading to light blue.

Abstract struggling

Digital collage with the following elements: records, the reflection of someone holding a phone, "if mirrors could speak", water lilies, projector, cables and television on the floor.

If mirrors could speak

My new magic wand

Purple abstract shapes on a pink and blue background.


Aqua green magic carpet with purple swirls and white trim on a dark blue background. The magic carpet is floating in space and there are white sparkles around it.

Magic carpet